Parenting Lighter™ is our lifestyle at Rebelstork and we want to help you feel empowered to lean on conveniences to make smarter moves with your money and time. Together, we are saying yes to only the things that truly matter because we cannot do all things, despite our best efforts #ParentingLighter #Truth
The Squawk is for you, our loyal FLOCK community- our shopping habits have changed, sustainability is kind & Rebelstork is here for you!
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Real Flock Talk on the Best Baby Gear for Spring

Team Rebby asked, our Flock of parents answered, and we built a Spring Shop for parents, recommended by parents.

Rebby’s 20 Best Baby Books to Gift to New (and Expecting) Parents

Tired of always seeing the same baby books? Our 2023 Rebby book round up is sure to make your gift unique and special!

New Parent Tips for Splitting the Holidays with Family and Friends

Make divvy-ing up the holidays a bonding experience and vow for less disruption and disagreements, less time stuck in the car, and more teamwork as a couple. You got this!

Toronto Fall Fam Guide

14 of our favourite things to do with our families in Toronto this Fall

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