Babyletto x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

Babyletto x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

Babyletto x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

Babyletto was founded on the belief that modern nursery furniture should be well designed, long-lasting, use sustainably sourced materials, and be safe for the family home. 

"At babyletto, we're committed to promoting sustainability by extending the life of baby furniture and reducing waste. That's why we partnered with Rebelstork ReLuvable Collective to make it easier for parents that want an alternative option for buying nursery furniture. Together, we're creating a better future for children by making environmentally responsible choices more accessible and affordable." – Tracy Fong, CRO

Five Reasons Why Babyletto Partnered with Rebelstork

  1. Reduce the amount of almost-new nursery furniture that ends up in landfills and extend the life of babyletto products.
  2. Offer affordable alternative options for parents to buy at a discount and help with baby expenses. 
  3. Give babyletto's thoughtfully made nursery furniture a permanent home that will be loved for years to come.
  4. Partner with Rebelstork, a company that shares similar values to babyletto and makes a positive impact on the baby industry.
  5. Offer parents another location to discover and appreciate the beauty of babyletto products.

Here’s a bit about Babyletto:

Babyletto inspires parents to express themselves in the nursery with stylish and versatile modern nursery furniture that is well-made, consciously crafted, tested for safety and healthier for the home. For over 10 years Babyletto has designed the most awarded and recognized modern nursery furniture, like the best-selling Hudson Crib. These modern and thoughtful nursery essentials from cribs and dressers to seating and mattresses feel like an extension of parents’ personal style and empower them to create beautiful and safe nurseries. Babyletto has sold to over 1 million parents.  

Shop Babyletto x Rebelstork 

To learn more about The ReLuvable ™ program click here. 

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