BabyBjörn x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

BabyBjörn x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

BabyBjörn x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

BabyBjörn aims to make only long-lasting products that can be handed down to be used by child after child. In order to avoid unnecessary consumption, BabyBjörn develops products with a clear purpose, good functionality and long lifespan. The classic design and high quality of products ensure that they can withstand frequent use over a very long time. They’re often handed down and used by several children in succession, which is one of the strongest contributions we make to sustainability.

BabyBjörn is proud to partner with Rebelstork in the Reluvable Collective to help further drive this mission.

"We're excited to be partnering with Rebelstork in the Reluvable Collective. We recognize there are limited options for consumers when children have outgrown our products. Our partnership with Rebelstork provides a safe resource for our consumers to repurpose their gear and addresses the overwhelming need to keep products out of landfills. As the recommence market continues to grow, it can be confusing for the consumer to understand value and safety of their purchase. Through this partnership, we want all users of our products to feel confident in a trusted and safe resource for their sale and purchase."  – Jed Whitters, General Manager, BabyBjörn North America

Five Reasons Why BabyBjörn Partnered with Rebelstork

  1. A partnership built upon shared values.
  2. Finding ways to encourage more sustainable consumption and use of our products.
  3. Making sure all of our products are utilized to their full potential in helping families with small children.
  4. Providing added value for our customers.
  5. Helping the planet with another form of sustainability.

Here’s a bit about BabyBjörn:

BabyBjörn was founded in 1961 with the mission of making everyday life easier and more enjoyable for parents with babies. This Swedish family-owned company makes safe and well-designed, quality products for babies and parents worldwide. BabyBjörn is passionate about simplifying everyday life, nurturing closeness and helping families with young children enjoy each precious moment.

Safety is their top priority and always the starting point when developing new products or improving existing ones. With many decades of experience and a goal to go above and beyond existing safety standards, BabyBjörn makes products that parents can use with complete confidence.

To learn more about the trade-in program or to start selling your BabyBjörn Gear start here.

To learn more about The ReLuvable ™ program click here. 

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