Meet Rebelstork

Rebelstork is a modern marketplace that takes the haggle and the hassle out of parenting by enabling the buy and sell of overstock, open box, and quality used baby gear.
Rebby was born in 2019. Our founder, a millennial mom and former retail executive, set out on a mission to extend the life of quality kids gear safely, fairly, and without the hassle of traditional resale (see ya later, Kijiji hagglers and Marketplace randos). At our core, we are here to minimize the stuff-burden for the next gen – helping parents get the best gear at the best prices, while contributing to the circular economy.
How do we do it? Simple. Selling, shopping, and impacting.


We work with sellers to create a seamless, hassle-free selling experience – with completely transparent pricing. Using our proprietary pricing algorithm, we focus on the key factors that matter to our Flock: brand, age, and condition. When you submit your items for listing, you get full visibility to your anticipated earnings. We get in touch to schedule your pickup, then take photos and get your listings live.  

Our average seller makes $400 on a 4-item pickup, within 48 hours of listings going live. Hello, money-making side hustle, with a planet-friendly kicker. 


We’re talking the best of the best baby deals on the best of the best baby brands. We have an exclusive assortment of tier one and trending baby and kids brands – and our team quality-checks and condition-rates every single item that comes into our warehouse. New baby gear lands at the Rebby HQ every single day, so the best baby deals are always fresh – and moving fast!


Obviously, our entire business is centred around minimizing the stuff-burden for the next gen. But we’re more than that.
Rebelstork is a Certified Pending BCorporation, which is considered the highest standard for socially responsible business. As part of the BCorp family, we are a new type of corporation: one that balances purpose and profit. Rebelstork carries legal requirements to consider the impact of our corporate decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We’re all in. 
Rebelstork is also deeply committed to supporting parents in need. Through a partnership with The New Mom Project, Team Rebby matches donations made by you, our FLOCK, through gift card purchases. The funds you donate we match and deliver to The New Mom Project, a not-for-profit organization to acquire baby gear essentials for marginalized parents.