Bumbleride X Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

Bumbleride X Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

Bumbleride X Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable™ Collective

When your little one is ready to move on to new milestones, Bumbleride x Rebelstork trade-In program makes it easy to find a new home for your Bumbleride baby gear.  By trading in, you can extend the life of your used gear and help make another family happy.  

Rebelstork will do all the work and take the hassle out of selling your Bumbleride baby gear and you’ll receive a Bumbleride promo code or cash earnings upon sale.  Whether selling or shopping, Rebelstork guarantees our pinky promise inspection process to ensure that all the pre-loved products are safe, clean and in good condition. 

“We design Bumbleride products as gear, purpose-built to perform, whether taking your little ones on a trail run or navigating the local farmer’s market”, said Matt Reichardt, CEO of Bumbleride. “We are thrilled to partner with Rebelstork to not only support the circular economy from a sustainability perspective, but to also help Bumbleride customers get more out of their investment in our products."

“The cost of raising kids continues to increase and families today are faced with significant considerations when making purchases,” said Emily Hosie, CEO of Rebelstork. “Rebelstork was developed to provide families with more affordable options and create a more sustainable world for future generations and we are proud to bring Bumbleride into the Reluvable Collective family to continue driving our mission forward.  Bumbleride strollers have tremendous resale value so families can feel good about buying their new Bumbleride knowing that there is an opportunity to safely and easily resell to another family in the future. It’s a win for parents and for the planet.”

5 reasons why Bumbleride partnered with Rebelstork  

The environment and mama earth are at the forefront of all decision making at Bumbleride, so this is a natural partnership:

  1. Support the Bumbleride mission to make gear for you to get out and do what you love while doing our best to preserve the planet we all share.
  2. To give Bumbleride strollers another opportunity to create adventures with families.
  3. We believe all products in our supply chain should have an opportunity for a home with a family. This program will give more families access to our products. Families with different budgets and ones/those second-hand minded.
  4. Minimize waste and maximize value.
  5. Help the baby industry overall become more sustainable. 

Here’s a bit about Bumbleride:

Born in San Diego, California in 2004, Matt and Emily Reichardt, inspired by the birth of their first child Ella started Bumbleride in San Diego, CA. Living active lifestyles with kids while recognizing the impact of the products we use.

Our company ethos supports parents to get out and do what you love from day one. To know that active lives foster active imaginations. To explore with an awareness of your impact on the world around you. At Bumbleride we share these beliefs with you and build products to make the most of the ride of your life.

The textiles, aluminum and plastics that make up Bumbleride products are carefully chosen for durability, safety and function, but also for their environmental impact. Manufacturing can be a dirty business, so we seek out suppliers that are innovating to save energy, conserve water and reduce pollution in landfills. All of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I certified free from harmful chemicals. Bumbleride fabrics are made from 100% RPET (which is made from post-consumer water bottles, polyethylene terephthalate). In addition, our black colorways use an innovative dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller. This dye process not only reduces water use, but also pollution created from the dye process.

Welcome to the ride of your life.

To learn more about the trade-in program or to start selling your Bumbleride gear start here. The Bumbleride trade-in program is currently only available in the United States. 

To learn more about how to join The ReLuvable ™ Collective start here

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