Shipping with Team Rebby

We can get you your goods in three ways:


Local Delivery

Local Pickup

  • Provider: Purolator or Canada post
  • Cost: Determined by weight of product at checkout
  • Delivery areas: Across Canada
  • Item restrictions: Unfortunately bulky products like cribs and rockers cannot be shipped via this method
  • Provider: Local Courier 
  • Cost: $20 Flat Rate
  • Delivery areas: Greater Toronto Area Only 
  • Item restrictions: None
  • Provider: None 
  • Cost: Free
  • Address of Pick Up Location: 1 Laird Drive, Toronto M4G3S8
  • Item restrictions: None

    When you are ready to check out, just view your cart. You will be able to see the three shipping methods at the bottom of your cart page. If you have one bulky item in your cart - shipping will not be an option for delivery. We suggest if you want to buy something bulky but get your other items shipped, you check out non-bulky separately. Unfortunately we cannot ship bulky items cross country at this time. 

    We will be in touch shortly after your order to let you know the status of your delivery or times for pick up. 

    Never hesitate to email if you have any questions.