Let's Talk Strollers: Buying Open Box vs. Overstock vs. Used

Let's Talk Strollers: Buying Open Box vs. Overstock vs. Used

Let's Talk Strollers: Buying Open Box vs. Overstock vs. Used

Contrary to what every Buzzfeed article, TikTok mom, and Amazon or Babylist registry suggests, what you really need for your baby might be a shorter list than you think. One of those actual essentials is a great stroller. 

And, not just one stroller. 

Trust us, Mama. No mom is trying to take their bulky travel system for a quick lap around the park down the road. You also want to make sure you find the right lightweight stroller for your next family trip to Disneyland and the perfect all-terrain stroller for an exciting beach day. Multiple strollers can be so helpful, but just the thought of all the money that goes into it hurts the heart—and the wallet. Understandable.

First, take a breath, and relax your shoulders and the tension in your jaw. Now, let’s talk about your stroller options.

We’re going to cover open box strollersoverstock strollers, and used strollers here at Rebelstork and choose the option that best suits you and your family.

What Sets Us Apart

Buying strollers from a big box store or traditional retailer can break the bank. There are strollers for the newborn age, travel systems, jogging strollers, umbrella strollers, or double strollers when your family grows—and the costs add up (with some of the most expensive strollers charging as much as a mortgage on a $300k home).

That’s where Rebelstork’s open box and overstock strollers come in!

Our open box and overstock products are new but at a fraction of the full price. We’re team sustainability here at Rebelstork, and buying an open box or overstock stroller is one small move you can make on your end.

Buying Open Box Strollers

UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 open box stroller

Buying open box might just be the best-kept secret of online shopping mamas. Buy quality strollers straight from retailers at discount prices. No hidden agenda. Fully legit. Why is it cheaper than buying brand new? 90% of the time, an open box stroller means someone bought it and returned it new.

That’s it.

Your little babe will still be the first and only one to get real use out of it. There are no concerns about how clean the straps are or if the car seat with the travel system is expired. That peace of mind can feel priceless to many moms.

Instead of being wasteful and tossing the strollers in the landfills, Rebelstork helps find these open box strollers a new home with thrifting, discount-loving mamas like you. In fact, we have kept over 150,000-and-counting pieces of product out of landfills—all the while helping both the shopper and seller save money too!

Buying Overstock Strollers

The primary difference between open box and overstock strollers is that overstock is "new," but you get the product at a value. Popular retailers and brands like Graco, Evenflo, Cybex, Peg Perego, and Thule sell overstock strollers through us. These overstock strollers have never been opened or used and simply need a new home.

Buying Gently Used Strollers

Let’s break the stigma around buying gently used strollers! Everyone has had at least one bad experience trying to buy something used off of Facebook Marketplace. From full-blown scammers to falsely advertised furniture, buying used feels like a trust exercise that we’re too scared to fail because the safety of our babies is just too high a price. 

At Rebelstork, it’s our Rebby Pinky Promise to ensure that every gently used stroller is vetted and approved to be safe, sanitized, and condition rated. Are the brakes working? Has the product been recalled? Are there any rips or tears? Rebelstork will check for you so you can rest assured that what you’re purchasing is clean, safe, and worthy of your precious little one. 

Buying used strollers in great condition is a step toward sustainable living and helps to fight inflation. This choice is truly helping to build a brighter future world for your babe.

The Bottom Line

Supply-chain challenges have put many brand-new baby strollers on backorder. Moms are sick of “out of stock” notifications. Buying an open box, overstock, or gently used stroller ensures that your stroller will arrive on time and is ready to go as soon as your baby gets here. Your arms (and Mama Earth) will thank you.

Ready to Find Your Dream Stroller at Rebelstork?

Woman pushing two children in her double open box stroller at a park

Weigh the pros and cons of buying a used, open box, or overstock strollerand find what works for you and your budget. What’s right for us may not be right for you. What’s right for you may not be right for the mama next door. Such is the beautiful complexity of motherhood! 

Rebelstork is here for you no matter which option you choose. Browse more gently used strollersopen box strollers, and overstock strollers. 

Decided on the route you want to go? Try REV™ before you buy. REV™ is your quick and easy Resale Estimated Value tool that can generate real-time resale value on 10,000+ baby gear models. You can resell your future gently used stroller when your little peanut starts to outgrow it. (Be careful; this comes quicker than you think!) Use REV™ before you buy a stroller and see the money you could make back when the time comes to resell with Rebelstork.

Parenting isn’t easy, but shopping Rebelstork and strollers can be. We exist to make Parenting Lighter™ for you! For more gently used, open box, and overstock baby gear, see what’s new at Rebelstork.

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