Presents with Purpose. Team Rebby's Top Sustainable Gifts of the Season

Presents with Purpose. Team Rebby's Top Sustainable Gifts of the Season

Presents with Purpose. Team Rebby's Top Sustainable Gifts of the Season

Rebelstork is making a list and checking it twice, and it’s filled with all the best presents with purpose for parents with little ones. When you buy a gift from Rebelstork, you’re participating in the circular economy. We partner with best-in-class retailers and brands to make sure you get baby gear before the landfills do.

Every piece of open box (never used, simply returned product) is thoroughly inspected before being listed and is totally covet-worthy, with over 180,000 pieces of baby gear saved from landfills. By slashing up to 80% off retail prices, you’ll be able to find great gifts for baby and friends at a fraction of the original cost.

Do you want to give your baby and kids something they’ll love while saving Mama Earth too? 

Learn how you can make this a sustainable holiday season with our gift guide of open-box and overstock baby and kids gear - including lots of toys and gear!

Team Rebby’s Holiday Sustainable Gift Guide

Make everyone’s holiday wishes come true when you shop your favorite open-box and overstock, of hundreds of the best brands, at the best prices this year. 

The Fun Stuff

Two toddler boys running around a Goodevas indoor wooden playground for children

There are practical gifts kids actually need and then there are the extra, cherry-on-top type of gifts from Rebelstork’s Toy Shop. 

Can’t you already imagine the sparkle in their eyes when a remote-controlled car or new bicycle rolls into the living room? Our eyes are sparkling too—at the affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else. Throw a shiny big bow on these activity mats, indoor play gyms, playhouses, and kitchen sets.

The Toy Shop is full of presents with purpose and anything you choose will be fa-la-la-la-la FUN because you’re saving perfectly good toys from landfills! 

Gifts for Mom and Dad

Two adults walking over a bridge with their baby buckled into a lightweight stroller

Kids aren’t the only ones who should be showered with presents with purpose during the holidays. Parents deserve items that are going to make their lives a bit easier, after all Rebelstork exists to make Parenting Lighter™.

Maybe Mom has a bulky travel system and needs a lightweight stroller for quick trips down the street for her coffee run. Perhaps Dad or Grandparents want an extra car seat so they don’t have to reinstall a car seat over and over every time they decide to drive a different car. Gift strollers, car seats, and convenience to your favorite parents, caregivers or grandparents.  

For New Parents

Brand new nursery set up with presents with purpose in the room

Not everyone gets all the things they put on their baby registry. That can make already anxious soon-to-be or new parents even more nervous. The holidays are the perfect time to give new parents peace of mind by snagging items they haven’t gotten yet. Shop nursery essentials like bassinets, cribs, and baby monitors, or living essentials like diapers, changing essentials, and breastfeeding or bottle-feeding accessories. 

If you’re still unsure what to give the parents-to-be, a gift card that accesses sanitized and vetted products from major baby retailers sounds like a holiday dream come true. 

A Sustainable Holiday |Shop Rebelstork’s Gift Guide

Cute baby girl in a pink dress sitting next to wrapped Christmas presents near a Christmas tree

Ever spend your hard-earned money on toys your babe was captivated by for just two weeks? Maybe you’re starting to rethink the way you shop.

Good! It’s time to rebel and rethink how we shop this holiday season

With that extra holiday cash, instead of buying the next brand-new shiny thing, consider shopping #ReturnsRecommerce instead. Shopping open-box or overstock baby essentials can mean affordable baby gifts that are brand new and untouched by your favourite baby brands.

Others may have a little wear and tear on the box, but it’s what’s inside that matters most. Even the open box and overstock gifts come from the most popular baby retailers and deserve a cozy new nest. Invest in presents with purpose when kids are outgrowing things faster than a season of Bluey. 

Find all of your favourite gifts to give this holiday season from Team Rebby’s Sustainable Gift Guide.

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