Is Rebelstork Legit? Real Parents, Real Flock Reviews

Is Rebelstork Legit? Real Parents, Real Flock Reviews

Is Rebelstork Legit? Real Parents, Real Flock Reviews

A curated marketplace offering families the largest assortment of overstock and open box baby & kids gear from all the top brands and at the best prices seems too good to be true. Lucky for parents across North America, Rebelstork is 100% legit! 

Is Rebelstork legit? 

Rebelstork is a legitimate and certified B-Corporation. A marketplace that offers families access to a huge assortment of vetted prestige baby & kid gear at the best prices. Families across North America can now afford to buy everything they need for their babies & kids without overspending.

Rebelstork sells primarily overstock, open box (returns) and a select assortment of quality-used baby & kids gear. Before items are listed on the Rebelstork marketplace, items are vetted and approved by inhouse specialists who are Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPS Techs). All prices have been established by REV™, the only AI-Powered Recommerce Pricing Technology in the baby gear industry. This way shoppers can always trust they are receiving the most credible baby gear at the best value—it's the Rebby Pinky Promise.

What Makes Rebelstork Different: Where Does All of the Baby + Kid Gear Come From?

Rebelstork works directly with the top baby + kid gear brands as well as retailers across North America to help them divert their returns away from landfills and instead offer them safely to parents across North America at the best values.



At Rebelstork, parents can the largest selection of vetted price reduced baby & kid gear at the best prices.

  1. Open box: At Rebelstork, we grant parents across North America access to shop vetted Open Box which are unused, returned items from the best brands in the baby & kids industry. Parents can get current models at a reduced price while also being kind to the environment.
  2. Overstock: Rebelstork also partners with the leading baby & kid gear brands directly as well as retailers across North Americs to give Parents access to unused, overstock items at a reduced price. We carry the largest assortment of overstock categories like Car Seats, Strollers, Highchairs and Cribs from the leading brands like 4moms, Graco, Baby Bjorn, and Cybex.
  3. Quality-used from our Flock: Rebelstork offers a select assortment of quality vetted used baby gear from brands like Mockingbird, Happiest Baby Snoo, and UPPAbaby.

How They Price the Baby Gear

Emily, the CEO of Rebelstork, sitting on cardboard boxes in the Rebelstork warehouse.

When you shop at Rebelstork, you can be sure you are receiving the best-priced baby gear. REV™ is the baby & kids industry recommerce pricing tool and we created it! . Every item being sold on Rebelstork has been priced by REV(™) so you can feel confident that you are always receiving the best value. 

What Our Customers Think: Rebelstork Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers across North America rave about the amazing assortment of deals they have shopped for their baby + kid gear needs.

A review from Jayan, a real Rebelstork customer, who said, "I absolutely love this company and concept. Parenthood is expensive. I do not like how overproduction results in more landfill and waste, and Rebelstork helps solve both of these problems. Good for them and us!"

“Honestly, baby gear is expensive enough already, and your most wanted items tend to get pushed to the side due to their price tag. With Rebelstork, I was able to buy some items I never dreamed I would be able to get! I ordered an open-box item, and it was in brand-new condition, better than I expected! I highly recommend [Rebelstork], but I’m so sad I found this company after I had my last baby. I wish I would have found them sooner!” - Paige H. 

“I bought a brand new booster seat and scooter for my kid and it was half the price just because the box was damaged. But the items were in perfect condition! What a great deal! Now checking Rebelstork for new deals every day!” - Vineta P. 

Rebelstork’s Return Policy

Did you know that over nine billion pounds of returned goods end up in landfills every year? Help us break the cycle of wasteful returns! 

Rebelstork accepts returns within 24 hours of the order being received if there’s an: 

  • Item is incorrect
  • Item is not as described
  • Item is not authentic

As a certified B-Coproration we are breaking the cycle of wasteful returns on our planet.


Legit Buying and Selling Baby Gear Marketplace | Rebelstork

A wide view of the Rebelstork warehouse.

Learn what makes us different and how shopping at Rebelstork is good for your family, your wallet and the planet. 

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