Emily's Holiday Gift Picks

Emily's Holiday Gift Picks

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year!  I love giving my family and friends things that I personally use and love. To help the Flock out, I’ve rounded up my top all time fave picks for this year’s holiday gift giving. 


1. 7AM Stroller Muff + Warmuff Bundle- Living in the city I try to keep my car parked on the weekends and stroller walk as much as possible.  Love how this stroller muff set is on trend with what is happening in the apparel industry.  Completely vegan made teddy fur keeps Piper warm and my hands toasty!

2. Foundrae White Personalized Petite Champleve Medallion- The idea that I can build my own story through jewelry is so personal.  Being able to create something completely unique that grows along with new additions to my family is special.

3. Keenz WagonHaving a wagon is a game changer when there are 2 kids.  Hunter and Piper sit across from one another keeping each other entertained and we are able to run errands without worrying about storage on the walk home.  The fact that this one folds up and lets us tuck it into our backyard shed when not in use makes it SO practical.

4. Spacemasks- I discovered this brand at Liberty in London a few years ago when I was travelling a lot for work and struggled with jet lag.  I forgot about them during COVID but then rediscovered them when I had Piper and was having a hard time sleeping well in between feeding session. These self-heating masks are a dream come true for some much needed relaxation.

5. Madhappy Socks- This brand is built with the mission of spreading optimism through clothing.  As a start-up founder the high and low emotions are intense….wearing these socks keep my feet cozy and remind me to remain optimistic even when things may feel heavy.

6. The Face Cream by Bubba Skin - I discovered this after I had my two babies, but had to share a product that is safe and effective before, during and after pregnancy as many skincare brands can’t claim this.  It’s ultra-light and super hydrating, which is perfect for the Toronto winters. 

7. Essentials Bundle by Paume-  I put the small traveller in my purse and the larger pump dispenser next to the front entrance and on the change table in the nursery.  There is a lot to love about this product- the beautiful design, the scent, the hydration…the female founder!

8. Duo Meal 6in1 Food Station by Babymoov- Another game changer.  To be able to steam and mix completely different foods separately but at the same time has made it possible for me to make food more often for Piper.  I can pull this out on the weekend and make 14 meals worth in one batch.  Love it!

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