Rebby's Cold Weather Essentials Guide

Rebby's Cold Weather Essentials Guide

Rebby's Cold Weather Essentials Guide

Baby, it's cold outside, but don't worry, we’ve got you covered Flock! We’ve listed our top winter essentials to get you and your little through the cold this season.

1. Humidifiers

It's cold season and….sniffle season. As much as we try to avoid it, congestion and dry skin are inevitable. Having a humidifier in the room can really help decongest and soothe your skin. Our recommendation? Grab two… one for mama and one for baby!

Check out these humidifiers from Babymoov and Motorola.

2. Strollermuff + Warmmuff

Walks in the winter are amazing, but only when you and your little one are not cold. A stroller muff that braves your baby from all kinds of winter conditions will keep them nice and comfy. It’s a time saver too since you don’t have to worry about a million layers to keep them warm. Make sure to get some warm muffs to keep your hands toasty as well…you can thank us later.

Check out these faves from 7AM Enfant and Elodie. 

3. All Terrain Strollers & Wagons

Your outside time is just as important in the winter. Choosing a stroller or a wagon that can tough it out with you is a must. Snow and salt can make for a bumpy ride, so something that is all-terrain and durable is a definite must to brave the weather outside.

We recommend the: Mountain Buggy, Keenz, and Thule strollers. 

4. Outdoor Toys

Have some fun in the snow with some outdoor toys this year! Whether it's from pulling your little ones on the snow or rushing down the hill, Rebelstork has you covered with winter gear essentials. 

We recommend Steamridge and Costway.

5. Bottle Warmer

Cold weather = cold bottle. Need we say more?

Check out these styles from Baby Brezza and Quark Baby

6. Make your space fun!

A less obvious but just as essential must-have. Winters are cold and long which means a lot of time indoors. Make sure you surround yourself with fun pieces you love in your nursery. Fun storage pieces from Costway and artwork from Wall & Wonder will are sure to do the trick!