Team Rebby LOVES Being Different!

Team Rebby LOVES Being Different!


We get a lot of questions from first time sellers and buyers asking about what makes Rebelstork so different. It’s a great question because the idea of baby gear re-sale is not a new concept at all (did you know that the baby re-sale market in Canada is 5x the size of the regular price baby market?Mind blowing!). Many of you have been busy buying and selling your baby gear on do it yourself platforms.  Alternatively, some of you have been letting your baby gear sit around because you value the worth of your time so much more than the daunting task.  

The Team Rebby goal is to bring buyers and sellers together in an environment that ensures buyer/seller safety, product quality, fair pricing and a hassle-free service. Basically, we remove the pain points of selling on a do-it-yourself platform. We value the price of our FLOCKS time!

Let’s Break This Down

Safe and Exceptional Service

We treat both our buyers and sellers to an unparalleled and hassle-free customer experience in the resale baby gear space. Sellers get their items picked up by Rebelstork and our team handles it all-listing, billing and shipping details plus transparent customer service. Buyers save time by shopping in our curated space with confidence that not only are the items listed being quality checked and condition approved by our team, but that pricing has been fairly determined by our proprietary pricing algorithm.  

Expert Merchandising

Our team is run by millennial moms who are retail experts. We aim to bring an assortment of cool brands to our FLOCK. With our quality checks, our condition guide and our proprietary pricing algorithm, buyers can feel confident that what they are paying for is what the item is worth. Plus, with three “shipping” options, shopping with Team Rebby is a massive time saver!

Fast Selling

Using Rebelstork the average seller makes $400 per 4+ item pick up. Items listed are being seen by our amazing FLOCK community which is growing at a rate of +20% a month. 

Effortless Earnings

No work is done by the seller! Rebelstork collects the revenues and sellers get paid out up to 70% of the sale price each month. 

Amazing DEALS

Not only do we carry Quality Used gear on our site, we also make shopping Never Used (Overstock and Open Box) deals on our site easy. As a certified pending BCorp our goal is to help eliminate the stuff burden on the OG Mother, earth, and  we drop new deals daily!

We give back

Moms helping moms is our jam. We match donations made by you, our FLOCK through gift card purchases on our site! We have been able to help moms in need attain thousands of dollars worth of Quality Used and Never Used baby gear! 

Join the FLOCK? Buyers, check out the new arrivals and sellers, check out your earning potential!

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