Resale 101- Stroller Storage

Resale 101- Stroller Storage


How strollers are stored is usually personal preference. Avid resellers have a solid routine, and others do not store their strollers at all. Team Rebby wants to provide you with insight to ideal stroller storage which will prolong the life of your stroller, allowing it to retain its maximum resale value!

Establish Proper Storage Prep

Whether you decide to use your stroller year-round or keep it in rotation with one or more strollers, it’s always necessary to prepare your stroller for storage. Certain conditions prevent the optimization of your stroller’s lifespan. Making sure it’s properly prepped for storage is imperative.

Clean and Sanitize

The first step of preparing your stroller for storage is the most important. Team Rebby wants to make sure that your stroller comes out of storage better than ever.

Make sure that your stroller is clean. We recommend that the chassis be wiped down and wheels be popped off and scrubbed to prevent salt and rust build up. All woven/fabric parts of the stroller should be washed by hand or in many cases can be put through the wash on gentle cycle. For leather seats or coated canvas we recommend wiping these down with unscented baby wipes and spot cleaned with a specialized cleaner. Non-alcoholic baby wipes won’t leave behind residue and are safe for most materials.

Dry It Out

The second step is to dry out your stroller. Make sure you give your stroller at least 4-6 hours of airing out in a space with good ventilation, preferably with a fan. Not only will this help dissipate any odors, but it will evaporate any moisture that may have been accumulated during step one (clean and sanitize).

Fold and Cover

The final step is to fold your stroller up and place it in the dust bag that it came with or in cases where the stroller did not come with one a soft flannel blanket will also work well.  

When you are paying so much for a stroller (many are more expensive than most designer handbags!), caring for it is not something that should be taken lightly. For all the wear we put our strollers through, it is important we show them some love. Plus, this routine will ensure that your stroller will thrive and bring you maximum resale value when your bambino grows out of it!

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