Spooky Myths About Sustainable Retail

Spooky Myths About Sustainable Retail


We are living in the era of sustainable and conscious living.  Widespread misconceptions about ethical & sustainable retail can sometimes prevent consumers from taking meaningful action when it comes to their lifestyles.

Team Rebby is exploring four of the most common "spooky" myths surrounding sustainable retail!  

MYTH #1-  Your Returns Are Always Sold To Other Customers

TRUTH - Your returns sometimes end up in landfills.  It is often cheaper for companies to discard returns vs. pay to have them inspected and repackaged.    Higher end brands are often unwilling to participate in donating returns due to fear of cheapening their brand or damaging its exclusivity.  In 2019 CBC reported that the volume of online returns has increased by 95% over the past five years.

MYTH #2- Brands That Promote Sustainability Are Sustainable

TRUTHBuzzwords like sustainability, recycled materials, aspiring carbon neutral etc. all carry objective criteria and are often misused by brands to attract consumers eager to reduce their environmental impact on the planet.  In fact, in 2019 there was a 75% increase in sustainable related search terms compared with the previous year.  Unless a company or brand holds true certification there is no way to know how sustainable they truly are.

MYTH #3 - Buying From “Sustainable” Brands Is The Best Way To Reduce Your Parenting Footprint

TRUTH -  The best way to reduce your parenting footprint is to simply buy fewer things.  When you do need something research Overstock, Open Box or Quality Used options. Researching sustainable brands is great but, buying something brand new should not be the first option. 

MYTH #4 - The More Expensive The Brand, The Less Likely Workers Have Been Exploited

TRUTH- Many premium brands are produced in the same factories as mid teared and lower teared brands.  This means that a workers rights and conditions can be exploited regardless of brand price point.  Furthermore, the price of an item does not guarantee that a worker was paid fairly because the cost of labour only makes up a small fraction of production costs. 

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