Nest Series: @Jordiefos

Nest Series: @Jordiefos

Nest Series: @Jordiefos

As Jordan Foster’s loyal band of followers know, there’s nothing she loves more than being a mom. Celebrity stylist by day, Jordan is sought after for her ability to elevate any look, while also remaining authentic to her client’s personal style.

The style director of Favorite Daughter chats with us about styling her kids, incorporating sustainability into her life and shares how she balances work and family. Jordan partnered with Rebelstork to sell some of her quality used baby gear her babies have outgrown and hand selected her must-have picks. You can shop her NEST all month long!

We really love her style, sense of humor, all in family time with perspective and balance on what matters most and we know she will inspire all of you as well!  Enjoy!

Q: How do you balance work and motherhood and still make time for yourself? 
A: The only way I have found to balance work and motherhood is to ask for, and accept help.  So many moms want to be the “super mom” doing it all that you see online and in movies and in my opinion that’s just not a reality.  You can’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help and don’t be too proud to accept it when it’s offered. 

Q: You’re a stylist by day; do your kids take an interest in fashion? 
A: Otto and Juni seem to completely ignore what I do for work at this point.  They just know our apartment is filled with clothes and racks of shoes and tables of accessories and people always coming in and out for fittings or shoots.  I’m hoping that it is silently sinking in.  Otto has developed a love of jewelry and I often find missing items in his collection jars.  Juni has some catching up to do but she’s only 2.  

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do as a family? 
A: During the week we have the routine of going to our local coffee spot and getting coffee for me and Tom and almond milks for Otto and Juni before taking Otto to school.  It’s a small thing but it’s something we all look forward to.  Our favorite things to do on weekends are completely regular things like going for chocolate croissants mid morning, walking to the park (side note, NYC is an incredible place to raise small children), going for a family lunch (usually a trying experience honestly but we keep doing it every weekend bc we think each time it will be different….it never is).  We have dinner together every Sunday evening at Bubby’s which the kids get so excited for.  Nothing very exciting, we just like to hangout together.

Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your life? 
A: When it comes to sustainability in my life I try to do all the small things that are in my control.  Glass containers, reusable food storage bags, tote bags for shopping, stainless steel water bottles for myself and the kids.  My beauty and cleaning products are refillable also which I have found more and more brands doing.  It's becoming easier to be sustainable and there's really no excuse anymore not to be. These things can feel like they aren't making a difference sometimes but I just constantly remind myself that every tiny bit helps and if I can teach my kids this from the start, that will make an even bigger difference.

Q: What’s the biggest change going from 1 to 2 kids? 
A: No answer I could give could accurately describe what it’s like going from 1 to 2 kids.  There are no words that bring a full understanding…it’s just one of those things you have to go through as a parent.  It’s true what they say…1 is like having 1 and 2 is like having 5.  I wish I had understood this as a parent of 1 because I would have enjoyed and appreciated the time so much more.


Q: What advice would you give to a new mom that is trying to do it all? 
A: Like I said before, my advice is to ask for help and almost more importantly is to accept help when it’s offered.  From anyone…family, friends, neighbor, stranger offering to open a door or help carry your stroller down some steps…every little tiny bit of help makes a difference.  I don’t think any mom can do it all and not be suffering silently in some way.  I think it’s also so important for moms to have mom friends.  You will always have someone to listen to you who truly gets what you’re going through.  

Q: What are your go-to mommy outfits on the go?
A: It is so hard not to put on leggings and a sweatshirt when I start the day at 7am.  But I force myself to put on something else (most days at least) and I’m always grateful.  Jeans and an oversized sweater with sneakers are my uniform.  In summer it’s denim shorts with an oversized lightweight button up and birkenstocks.  

Q: How do you set boundaries with your kids?
A: This is something I’m currently trying to get better at because at 4 and 2 years old, they are really starting to learn what pushing the boundaries is and frankly, they seem to really enjoy doing it!  I am struggling with it to be honest.  We have the best of intentions as parents but it’s so easy to feel like you’re doing it all wrong.  A great piece of advice from a mom I really respect was to never make a threat you don’t keep.  Even if it’s going to derail your day.  So I’ve been trying that lately.  

Q: What are some non-negotiables for you with your children? For yourself? In your career?
A: My husband is English so manners are #1 in our family.  The kids are typically pretty good with it.  Please, thank you, looking someone in the eyes when you speak to them, the basics really.  We are pretty on top of that one.  For me, I won’t travel for longer than a week without my family typically.  Even if it means coming back home for one day then going away again.  In my career being valued is non-negotiable.  As a stylist, even once established and consistently working, I’ve been expected to do things for free or even be expected to lose money on jobs rather than make money.  I had to learn to respect myself and know what I bring to the table and those are not offers I will even entertain anymore.  

Q: If you could only have 1 piece of Baby Gear what would it be? – your must have piece!
A: Does a breast pump count?  I struggled so much to breastfeed both my kids.  Lactation consultants, every gadget you could think of, blood sweat & tears, shame….you name it I tried it or felt it.  After not succeeding at the breast and having very hungry babies during the process, I exclusively pumped for the better part of a year with each.  So a reliable and portable pump was a must have for me.  Plus a pumping bra! 

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