Nest Series: @TheFashionGuitar

Nest Series: @TheFashionGuitar

Nest Series: @TheFashionGuitar

Charlotte Groeneveld, The Fashion Guitar is a Stylist, Creative Director, and a mother-in-chief to 3 beautiful babes. Her love of fashion and sharing her looks with her followers started when she moved from London to New York City. What sets her apart is her loyalty to the “real-factor” which shows up in her commitment to staying truly authentic. Her days start with getting her family ready and out the door, balancing a schedule of events, sharing the latest season must-haves, and keeping it real on the streets of New York City!  

Styling and shopping are also about mindfulness and setting the right intention when you decide to make a purchase. @thefashionguitar, partnered with Rebelstork to sell some of her quality used baby gear that her babies have outgrown and hand-selected her must-have picks. We hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit more and will be inspired when you check out her Nest to find that great addition to your nursery, or the perfect open box stroller. 

Q: What are your tips for balancing work, motherhood and still making time for yourself to be creative and prioritize your passions?

A: It’s all coming down to creating that little village around you; we simply can’t do everything by ourselves. The husbands and wives, the babysitters, the nanny’s, the grandparents, anything and anyone that takes some off your plate when you need it. And communication, especially with those who help you. And it’s so important to do things that make us mothers happy, because that makes us the best mothers we can be. 

Q: What’s your morning mom routine? 

A: I wake up, and Thomas takes the baby, and two big kids, to get them ready. He gives Teddy the bottle and then I make breakfast for everyone. School uniforms so that’s a quick dressing up situation. Everyone wants something else but I make the same for everyone, just something different every day. Teddy eats a little with what we eat; fruits, sandwiches, omelets with leftover veggies, or pancakes with lots of good flours and chopped nuts and carrots! Then at 8, I get myself a coffee, Teddy and I play until Thomas comes back. We usually drink coffee together at that point and enjoy Teddy’s funny little character! We both work from home, I start once the nanny comes in!

Q: What was it like going from 1 kid to now 3?! Any types on how to transition?

A: 1 is life changing, 2 is suddenly a lot of work, and 3 is legit a feeling of constant being outnumbered. But I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Q: Do you have certain baby gear essentials you can’t live without?

A: To be honest; I found that so much of what we hear is necessary isn’t really necessary or only for so short… that’s by the way why Rebelstork is so amazing. I loved my breast pumps, one wireless for when I travelled (Elvie), and one at home next to my bed (Medela). I love our Nanit camera, and all Lovevery toys are our favourites! We have a white noise machine from Frida Baby we love!

Q: Do you have any go-to “mommy outfits” for extremely busy days with the kids?

A: Just baggy jeans, tee, an oversized blazer or jacket and sneakers! In the countryside I wear more dresses.

Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your life?

A: I try to give everything a second life; clothes and products. This is why when Rebelstork wanted to partner with selling some of my baby gear on their marketplace it was a no-brainer. I also find myself donating all the time. It’s the best feeling.

Q: You obviously have a great eye for style, how does that translate to how you think about purchasing gear and clothing for your kids?

A: I think long and hard; do we need it, does Teddy need it… and then I buy or not. Teddy grows so fast so there have been many shopping moments. Always online tbh.

Q: What are your five most-used products for self-care right now?

A: Face cream, super anti-aging eye cream, sleep when I can, drink a huge amount of water, and eat to make me feel good and happy. See my friends, and do the work I love.

Q: If you could only have one piece of Baby Gear what would it be? – your must have piece!

A: A stroller. It is how I get around with Teddy every day!

Be sure to check out Charlotte's NEST on Rebelstork all month long. You can also head over and follow us on insta @rebelstork to watch her stories and reels sharing her experience of selling her gear with us! 

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