Nest Series: @EdenEats

Nest Series: @EdenEats

Nest Series: @EdenEats

Eden Grinshpan wears many hats—host of “Top Chef Canada”, author of the cookbook “Eating Out Loud”, and perhaps most importantly, mother.

The refreshingly open mother of two is an advocate for sustainability, body positivity and making sure women know they are not alone in their motherhood journey. 

Eden partnered with Rebelstork, joined our Flock and hand selected her top and essential baby products and is reselling gear her babies have outgrown.  You can check out her Nest and shop all month long!

We really love her sense of humor, down to earth style and perspective and we know she will inspire all of you as well!  Enjoy!

Q: What are some fun snacks you make for your Ayv and Romi? 
A: Ayv absolutely LOVES her lunchbox meals I send with her to school. Every day her lunch changes but her favorites are mortadella sandwiches and pizza bagels.

Q: How do you incorporate sustainability in your life?  
A: I generally am a sustainable person. I like to limit my meat consumption within my home and focus more recipes on plant forward meals. I always get second hand clothes and baby gear (why I think Rebelstork is such a brilliant idea). I also reduce my single use plastic by using reusable food storage products. Another way I encourage sustainability in my life is by using non-toxic, natural cleaning supplies 

Q: How do you balance work and motherhood and still make time for yourself?
A: When I’m not working, I make a conscious effort to try and not just put my phone down, but put my phone away. Being constantly connected can take away from you being present with those you love. So, I’m trying to put my phone down, just making sure that we’re all really living in the moment.  In terms of self-care things, I love a long shower. I close the door to really have some me time to unwind and do a face mask. I also believe in a nice walk to clear your head. 

Q: What’s the biggest change going from 1 to 2 kids? 
A: Since COVID, my husband has been working from home which has been a big game-changer. When I had Ayv, my husband went back to work after only 5 days, so it’s been amazing to have him here with Romi every day. I knew I would need additional help going from two to one, so having his support has been amazing.  

Q: What advice would you give to a new mom that is trying to do it all?
A: The best, and my personal favorite part of social media is connecting with a community of people who are experiencing something at the same time. I’ve found that I love following someone who I can related to and who makes me feel better about the way I’m doing things. I think it’s important to find people who make you feel good and also have an understanding of what you’re going through. So my advice to new moms is to find a community wherever that is and find people who make you feel good and supported. 

Q: Why is body positivity so important to you?
A: In today’s society there is so much pressure to bounce back and look amazing right after having a baby right off the bat. It’s just not realistic! I personally felt good in my body during and after pregnancy, which is something we should all be feeling even though it’s different than what we’re used to. Change and difference isn’t a bad thing and I like to use my platform as a tool to show people that that’s okay. It’s ok to have change and to mess up every now and then. You’re not going to be dealing with this forever, so take it one day at a time. 

Q: If you could only have 1 piece of Baby Gear what would it be – your must have piece!
A: I love my Bugaboo buggy board with a seat that attaches to the stroller so that when I’m running around with Romi, Ayv also has a place to be!

Be sure to check out Eden’s NEST on Rebelstork all month long. You can also head over and follow us on insta @rebelstork to watch her stories and reels sharing her experience of selling her gear with us! 

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