Women-Owned Businesses That Are Making a Difference in the Lives of Parents and Babies Across the Globe

Women-Owned Businesses That Are Making a Difference in the Lives of Parents and Babies Across the Globe

Women-Owned Businesses That Are Making a Difference in the Lives of Parents and Babies Across the Globe

This International Women's Day we wanted to take time to highlight the Women-Owned Businesses that inspire us and are making a huge difference in the day-to-day lives of families around the world.  From formula to fashion and everything in between - what starts as a good idea for one family can turn into a very exciting journey for many others.  

Maisonette was founded by two Vogue editors and mom to 6 children between the 2 of them, Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families navigate the adventure of raising the next generation. They are an expertly-curated baby and kid’s marketplace featuring the best products from around the globe: stylish clothing, top toys and gear, and home décor – plus, trusted guidance and inspiration.

“When we started Maisonette, our goal was to make it easier to find high quality products for our kids, so we could spend less time scrolling, and more time on the good stuff. Today, our mission goes well beyond the product itself; it’s a commitment to family. To empower parents to make the best decisions for their families. And to bring a little bit of magic into family life every day.” – Sylvana Durrett, CEO
How many of you started to build a baby registry only to realize, you wanted different things from multiple brands and retailers but didn't want multiple registries.  That’s where Babylist comes in! We can’t help but be inspired by Natalie Gordon, the founder who creative Babylist on the premise of providing parents with a better baby registry experience overall by putting the parents needs first. With Babylist you can also include non-traditional items such as frozen food delivery, pet meals and subscriptions, which is a big YES to us!

"One thing I've really learned over the years is actually putting that thing that you've been working on a really personal level out there into the world is such a test of vulnerability," Gordon said, adding that the process opened her up to trusting her early customers, and understanding what they needed.  
Kyte Baby
Founded by Ying Liu, Kyte baby was born from a very personal experience with her daughter having chronic eczema.  As she tried to figure out what was causing the eczema,  she discovered that certain fabrics helped alleviate that issue. Turns out that fabric was, Bamboo! She went on to create Kyte Baby bringing her China heritage and family into the fold and creating products that have helped so many families.  

Then it all came together, and I was able to start a family-owned and operated company that went all the way to sourcing. I’d get to pursue my artist’s dream, and she’d get to keep the factory afloat. Just like using bamboo fabric itself, filling the factory’s down time promoted the smart use of resources and sustainability. This way of thinking has always been evident in every aspect of Kyte BABY.

We would be shocked if you have not heard about Bobbie, or it’s founders Laura and Sarah. The formula brand that overcame an FDA shutdown and has now grown into one of the most sought-after baby formula’s in the US, is a true testament to the women behind the brand. Team Rebby is inspired by their perseverance and their dedication to “shaking the stigma” around feeding babies in all forms.  

We exist to bring peace of mind to parenting by shifting the scrutiny of how we feed to what we feed. Simply put, if you choose to feed your little one formula, it should be undeniably good, and we will be here to support you whatever your decision. You are tirelessly devoted to your children, and we promise to match in our devotion to Bobbie.  We lost sleep over this so you don’t have to. Laura & Sarah
Breast pumps. We most often think about these as big instruments that women have to lug around and be stationary while they pump. We cannot help but be the most inspired by Tania Boler, and her development of the Evlie Pump. Tania's mission is to “give women the tools to enable what their bodies have always been capable of, across every phase of womanhood.” The Evlie Pump is revolutionary in the world of pumps and technology and allows women to go about their lives, while they pump!

It started with a true wonder woman and her quest to make womanhood, well, better. Elvie’s Founder and CEO, Tania Boler, is an internationally recognized women’s health expert who’s passionate about improving women's physical and emotional wellbeing while leading taboo-busting conversations around women’s health. As an expert with over 15 years’ experience, Tania’s mission has always been to create world-class technology to address intimate (and often neglected) issues faced by women throughout their lives. 

It’s Bodily
Team Rebby is always talking about our experiences on the journey to motherhood, and the experiences that happen after. Which is why we are so inspired by Toviah Haim and her commitment to making a safe space for women to openly discuss all aspects of women’s health and bodily changes, by founding Bodily. Bodily provides “judgment-free, inclusive, evidence-led resources and design-forward products to a market that is often ignored completely” and we at Team Rebby absolutely love the knowledge and content Bodily brings to the forefront every single day.

We believe that when it comes to women's bodies and the physical changes they experience, the things that no one takls about are the ones that need the most attention.  It's not always easy or pretty.  We're here to make change as good as it gets.  

Miles and Milan
We love how minimalistic but fashionable this brand is for kids and that it grows with them!  Shennel Fuller the founder, shares that she searched and searched for clothing that was fashionable but minimalistic and when she couldn’t find it, Miles and Milan was born. She named the brand after her niece and nephew (which we LOVE), and the brand provides key clothing basics and that grows with your child, taking the fuss out of having to dress them and giving you back time to enjoy. 

That's the situation I found myself in. And, as I searched and searched for that perfect in between, that would support my minimalistic yet fashion thoughtful aesthetic, my brand Miles and Milan was born. Named after my lovely niece and nephew; I set out to develop a brand that provides key basics and fashion items that are playful, effortless, and current. A brand that grows with your child and hopefully removes the fuss in dressing to help you enjoy those precious moments a little more.

Of course we are bias on this one, but Team Rebby is inspired everyday by our Founder and CEO Emily Hosie. Emily saw a void in the baby space around selling baby gear, not knowing what its value was, and having to meet up with strangers (not safe!) to sell it. She founded Rebelstork around the mission to keep our baby gear out of landfills, help parents sell and declutter their baby gear in a safe and stress-free manner, and to inspire all of us to #parentlighter. 

Emily started Rebelstork 3 years ago and you can read what her vision was then in her first blog post.  

Congratulations to all women, across the globe making real change (and sacrifice) to create a better world for now and for our children tomorrow.  


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