A Rebelstork Review: Why One Mom Chooses Rebelstork For All Her Baby Needs

A Rebelstork Review: Why One Mom Chooses Rebelstork For All Her Baby Needs

A Rebelstork Review: Why One Mom Chooses Rebelstork For All Her Baby Needs

Many parents will likely agree that while we thought we knew what parenting entailed prior to having kids, the reality was quite different than imagined. Wonderful, but different. This is why having fellow parents to rely on for true and tested recommendations is key. It’s also why here at Rebelstork, we recognize the importance of listening to our flock of parents in our goal of making parenting lighter.  

We sat down with Kathryn, mom to Normand (3.5 years) and Louise-Joseph (9 months) from Toronto, to ask about why she chooses Rebelstork for all her baby gear needs.

How did you discover Rebelstork?

Purely by coincidence! And I’m so glad I did, it has completely changed the way my friends and I shop for our kids. When my first was born, it was either buy full price or look for discounted items on Kijiji, Facebook or other online marketplaces. I always had the baby with me, so arranging pick up was a big hassle and I really didn’t feel comfortable driving up to strangers’ homes. 

I was looking for a specific type of high chair, one that would last for more than just the baby stage and doesn’t leave their feet hanging, as I heard this helps a lot with meal time into the toddler years (update: it definitely does help!). I couldn’t believe the price for one of these high chairs though; several hundred dollars! My partner’s jaw actually dropped when he saw the price. Every stage seemed to present the need for something new, and that something new was always way more expensive than we had imagined. So given this, we decided to search for the high chair resale at a discount and found one online. But when we went to pick it up, we realized that the picture shown in the ad was definitely not authentic and the item was in terrible condition. Naturally, we ended up not taking it.

Thankfully though, based on my previous searches for resale and discounted high chairs, Rebelstork popped up in my social media feed, and if you can believe it, they had the exact high chair I was looking for in their overstock selection. This was the first time I had ever heard of Rebelstork, so I have to admit, I was skeptical. This was a highly coveted high chair and it was brand new and 30% off the regular price, just because it was last year’s model. A part of me felt this was too good to be true, but I decided to try it out.

Tell us about your experience ordering from Rebelstork.

I am so thankful that I tried Rebelstork that first time! 

Just a few days after placing my order, the high chair showed up at my door, brand new in its unopened, pristine box. I was beyond excited that I had not only scored the high chair I had been scouring the internet for weeks, but I got it brand new at a cost that just doesn’t exist anywhere else, even with promo codes or sales. Trust me, I looked.

The whole experience was seamless. From placing my order to having it at my table, zero stress. When my husband saw the high chair, I had to show him the order receipt for him to believe that I got this 30% off. He works in finance, so for him, if something is “too good to be true”, it probably is. But when I explained how Rebelstork is able to offer these prices by working with companies for overstock and open box, he was super impressed and very much on board!

From that point on, Rebelstork was my go-to place for anything and everything to do with my kids. Two years later, with a toddler and baby, I have zero regrets on any item I’ve purchased. I always get exactly what I pick from the site, and sometimes it’s even better than I pictured. I’ve got all my mom friends hooked on it too because it just makes sense from every angle. It’s hard to go back to buying things full price when you know this is so easily accessible for parents.  

Tell us about your experience selling with Rebelstork.

I discovered that you could sell with Rebelstork after my second was born and I was really excited to try it out. I knew I could trust Rebelstork based on my experience buying with them, so I didn’t feel hesitant at all.

I had taken excellent care of all of our baby gear and the majority of our items were in excellent condition, some even basically brand new, so I knew they were perfect to sell. Previously, when I wanted to sell something, I’d use online marketplaces; but I rarely had a positive experience. People would state their interest and then never respond, arranging pick up was a headache, the in-person haggling too much for me and giving out your private address to strangers always made me feel wary, especially when I was home on my own.

With Rebelstork, they have this super easy system that gives me a quote on my specific items (REV™ is their AI- Pricing Technology, more on that later) and then based on how much I have, I arrange a drop-off near me or a pick-up directly from my house. They provide everything I need and the drop-off location is only 10 minutes away from my house. Once the item is sold, I get an e-transfer and deposit it instantly into my bank account.

I knew from then on that Rebelstork was going to be my go-to for selling my gear because while they naturally take a commission for this service, it’s beyond worth it for the amount of time and stress it saves me. Building your nest is great, but it’s almost just as exciting to start emptying it too.

What made you want to join the Referral Program?

It just made sense. I was telling all my parent-friends about Rebelstork anyway, so why not save both of us some more money in the process? Every time I refer someone to Rebelstork, they get to save on their purchase and I get to save on my next one. Win win.  

For me, referring my friends to Rebelstork isn’t just about the money though. Obviously, that’s a perk, but I really believe in Rebelstork’s mission in a lot of different ways. I think most of us parents have realized that parenting is a non-stop 24/7 job that requires a lot of give, especially in those first few years. Anything that can help to take off some of that weight to make the journey a little lighter is certainly worth talking about.

As a parent, I am also financially and environmentally conscious of the future I am contributing to for my kids. I have seen firsthand how much is wasted in the baby world and it makes me really reflect on the changes this generation of parents can make. It felt like a win on all sides to refer Rebelstork - decreasing stress, saving money, and reducing our carbon footprint. It really aligns with my beliefs and goals as a parent and citizen.

What are your best tips for fresh flock members? 

As a committed Flock member, and someone who has both bought and sold with Rebelstork, I have learned some good tips that I think would be super helpful for those fresh to the flock. Here are my top 3:

1. Use REV™ before buying and selling

Rebelstork created this unbelievably helpful AI-pricing index called REV that parents can use for free when buying or selling baby gear. For example, when I was buying an activity centre for my second baby, I wanted an item with good resale value, knowing it was an item that is super handy, but short-lived. With the system, it helped me pick the best activity centre, not only for its usage and price, but potential resale value as well. There’s a certain comfort that comes with having this knowledge when building your nest.

2. Reflect and rethink your baby registry

I remember prior to having my first, I read endless articles and watched countless YouTube videos to gather their recommendations for my must-have registry list. I had it in my mind that I had to have very specific items, in very specific colours, and it had to be only the newest models, from a very specific store. It actually makes me laugh, and cringe a little, when I think about that. It’s like I somehow thought that if I didn’t have a very specific item from a specific store, it reflected on me as a mother. And it turns out many of my parent-friends felt this pressure too.

As a mom of two now, I can tell you that I wish I had reflected more and had a Rebelstork registry. Rebelstork has those exact items I wanted, in brand new condition, at an insane amount less than I purchased in store - simply because they are open box or overstock. Looking back, I can’t imagine how much money I would have saved myself and my guests by rethinking my registry and knowing about Rebelstork. Better late than never!

3. Join the Flock and this amazing community

If any newcomers to Rebelstork haven’t signed up to be a part of the Flock, I highly recommend it. Every single day Rebelstork drops new items and because of the limited quantity, it’s ideal to be notified right away. The gear they share are really sought-after items in the parent world, so I look forward to scrolling through the new drops every evening. 

My kids outgrow things so quickly, so I keep a list of upcoming things I know I’ll need and just keep my eyes peeled. It’s pretty much inevitable that if it’s not already there, Rebelstork will soon have exactly what I need. The Flock helps me stay on top of everything and make sure I get the items I really want.

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