Rethink your Baby Registry with Rebelstork

Rethink your Baby Registry with Rebelstork

Rethink your Baby Registry with Rebelstork

One of the most exciting to-dos for soon-to-be parents is creating their baby registry. It can be so exhilarating to pick out exactly what you want to build your nest, imagining all the adorable photos to come in a not-so-distant future.  

At the same time, while creating a baby registry, most parents quickly realize the neverending rabbit hole that is the baby industry. Not only are there hundreds of items labelled as “must-haves for new parents” (even ones you didn’t know existed), but the price tags are way beyond what you would have imagined for such a tiny little human.

We get it though. As parents, we want only the best of the best for our little ones, and as much as we wish we could, we simply can’t sacrifice quality in place of cost. That’s where Rebelstork comes in, focusing on both quality and value in a way that aligns with today’s fiscally and environmentally conscious parents. 

How Rebelstork Gets the Best of Both Worlds

First, we partner with your favourite brands and collect their open box and overstock items. Open box means the item’s box was opened, but the item itself was never used (aka, it’s brand new!). Overstock comes from brands selling down items they may have discontinued or upgraded with a new model, allowing us to offer it at up to 80% off the retail price, all while being new and untouched.

The second way we stock our shop is through you, our fantastic Flock! You can empty your nest and sell your quality used items to Rebelstork and we make it extra easy. You simply go to our site, get a quote from REV™ (AI-Powered Pricing Technology), and can either drop-off your items or have them picked up from your home. We sell the item for you and the money goes directly into your bank account. We carefully examine each item that comes into our shop, making sure it is in good, great or excellent condition; so as the buyer, you can have full confidence that you are getting exactly what you ordered. It’s our Rebby Pinky Promise.

(We currently have our resale service in New York Metro and Greater Toronto Area) 

Why Rethink your Registry with Rebelstork

Given the world we live in today, many parents find themselves becoming more and more fiscally and environmentally conscious. By rethinking your typical baby registry and connecting your guests with Rebelstork, you can reduce the financial weight that inevitably comes with building your nest and aid in securing a sustainable future for the next generation.

For the financially conscious parent, Rebelstork has completely changed the baby game by providing access to the top brands parents want, without the overwhelming price tag. By encouraging your baby shower guests to purchase open box, overstock and quality used, your friends and family get to save money, while you don’t have to sacrifice on quality. Win win.

For the environmentally conscious parent, by purchasing quality used, overstock and open box, you are helping reduce the environmental impact of raising a child, one item at a time, as so many baby items, some of which have never been used, ultimately end up in landfills. We guarantee vetted quality products while reducing the immense carbon footprint of the baby industry. 

Real Flock Talk: Rebelstork Recommendations from Real Parents

While we could squawk all day about the reasons to rethink your baby registry with Rebelstork, take it from our flock of real parents. We asked our Flock for their top recommended items to buy from Rebelstork, whether that’s quality used, overstock or open box. Here are the top 5 responses:

  1. Anything strictly for newborns - this includes bassinets, swings and rockers. While these can be lifesavers for those much-needed breaks and a wink of sleep, they are sadly short-lived and can only be used for a few months, making them our Flock’s top pick.

  2. Strollers - Our Flock quickly recognized this must-have for any new parent. And while they were keen to share that this is not a place you want to skip out on quality, they recommend Rebelstork because different strollers serve different purposes. For example, while your everyday stroller is amazing for walks and running errands and has all the perks and attachments, lugging it in and out of the car several times a day is backbreaking, making the appeal of a second compact stroller very appealing (especially when it’s at a great value).

  3. Car seats
    - One of the first items many parents pick out for their upcoming baby since you can’t leave the hospital without one! Our fantastic Flock zoned in on this Rebelstork pick because while quality is king, most families find themselves needing more than one car seat with various people dropping off and picking up and wanting to avoid the major headache and weight that comes with changing your car seat’s location.

  4. Toys (indoor and outdoor) - there’s nothing like the look on your child’s face when they get a new toy, it’s pure joy. But like all other toys, our Flock reminded us that the majority lose their novelty pretty quickly, so skip on the exorbitant price tags.

  5. Travel gear
    - this includes playards, playpens, sun shades, bassinets, and travel high chairs. While extremely helpful during travel, these are items you’ll only use from time to time so our flock said don’t go all out.

Honourable Mention: There was a lot of Flock talk around parents realizing that their top must-have baby items were not actually on their baby registry list at all! Many Flock members recommended expecting some unexpected and adding a Rebelstork Gift Card to your list to help with those exciting but unforeseen baby curve balls.  

Start Parenting Lighter™ with a Rebelstork Baby Registry

Our goal at Rebelstork is to help make parenting lighter from the beginning by helping to take off some of the weight that can come during this exciting time. Start your journey lighter by rethinking your typical baby registry and asking your family and friends to head over to Rebelstork. In a never-before-seen way, parents will get everything they need, while being able to stay aligned with their values, beliefs and lifestyle.


Kathryn Ross
Kathryn is a mom of two boys, ages 9 months and 3 years old, from Toronto. She is a teacher and social worker, specializing in learning exceptionalities during childhood and adolescence and is a certified sleep consultant and recognizes the importance of a unique approach for every family. She is also fur mom to her 8-year old corgi, Buddy, a trained therapy dog. 

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