“What I Wish I Had Put on My Baby Registry” The Must-Have Items

“What I Wish I Had Put on My Baby Registry” The Must-Have Items

“What I Wish I Had Put on My Baby Registry” The Must-Have Items

As a new parent, you don’t know what you don’t know. Luckily, we asked our Flock of Rebelstork parents to weigh in with their expertise on must-have baby registry items. While there’s no such thing as expert parents, our Flock’s trial and error might be helpful as you relentlessly research the never-ending list of what to put on a baby registry.

The squawks are in and these are the top baby registry items that parents wish they had put on their baby registry the first time around.

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What to Put on a Baby Registry

Did anyone tell you babies are expensive? If they didn’t, you’re probably figuring it out pretty quickly. Our Annual Recommerce Report shows that, on average, parents will spend $15-$18k on baby’s first year. Luckily, Rebelstork partners with your favorite baby brands and our fantastic Flock for open-box, overstock, and quality-used baby essentials.

We asked our Flock and they answered. Here are the must-have baby registry items for this year.

Best Travel Items for Your Baby Registry

Baby girl in a travel stroller next to luggage and a luggage cart in a busy airport

You’re becoming parents; you’re not becoming boring. You’re still going to travel and enjoy life with your precious little one (with some adjustments). What are some of the holy grail items you need for your baby while adventuring on the go?

  • Travel Stroller: While you may want to purchase a travel system or everyday stroller, let someone else purchase your travel stroller. Most new parents thought one stroller was all they needed. They realize that a last-minute trip to the grocery store for milk with a bulky travel system is anything but quick. Add an internationally award-winning travel stroller like the Cybex Eezy S Twist to your baby registry for easy compact travel.
  • Baby Carrier: As parents, it seems there are never enough hours in the day and never enough arms either. While baby carriers can be intimidating, don’t underestimate the power of a good YouTube tutorial. Your arms, back, and hips 20 years from now will thank you for adding a helpful baby carrier to your baby registry.
  • Portable Playards: Hotel rooms, or even Grandma’s house, are strange and unfamiliar environments for babies. Portable playards or canopies allow a comfortable environment away from home. Parents confirm they get extra hours of restful sleep on vacation, even when the baby is room-sharing with siblings.

Best Loungers for Your Baby Registry

You’ll start to see a theme when you’re adding must-have baby registry items. Parents love anything that will give them any semblance of a break. Consider a comfortable baby lounger for tummy time or any moment in the day when you need to put the baby down for a minute or five. 

Our Flock can’t function without baby loungers like the:

Best Grow-With-Your-Child Items for Your Baby Registry 

Baby playing with messy food on a high chair, a must-have baby registry item

You’re going to blink and suddenly your newborn is six months old. Blink again, and they’re eating the frosting off of their first birthday cake. The wild journey of parenthood flies by so quickly that investing in “baby” items can feel tough when their shelf life is so short. Our Rebelstork Flock loves to add items to their baby registry that grow with their child. 

Invest in items like: 

Most Underrated Baby Registry Items

  • Gift Cards: When in doubt, gift card it out. Rebelstork is the first North American Baby Gear Marketplace created for a new generation of socially and fiscally responsible parents. Never sacrifice quality for something as important as your firstborn—but, quality doesn’t have to mean buying all the newest, flashiest, most expensive items either. A Rebelstork gift card gives you access to open-box, overstock, and quality-used, must-have baby registry items for a fraction of the retail price.  And with new drops daily, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, when you need it.  
  • Services: From sleep training baby courses to lactation consultation, C-section recovery, or pelvic-floor training and recovery classes, sometimes the best baby registry gift isn’t a traditional gift at all.
  • Toys: There’s some controversial Flock talk about this addition to the list. Children lose interest in toys about as easily as they lose interest in whatever you ask them to do. Maybe that’s what makes toys a perfect baby registry item! You’ll find that your mom, mother-in-law, or bestie usually enjoys buying your little one something cute and fun (maybe learning toys) over something super practical anyway.

Reconsider What to Put on a Baby Registry With Rebelstork

Girl holding a globe in front of a chalkboard map of the world

Rethink your typical baby registry and connect your people with everything you need from Rebelstork. Shop open-box items for your baby registry that may have been opened, but the item itself was never used (AKA, brand new baby stuff!). Add overstock items to your baby registry, too. This allows you to shop for things you need from your favorite brands online that sell down items they might have discontinued or upgraded with a newer model. Rebelstork swoops in and can offer it at up to 80% off the retail price. Did we mention it’s new and untouched? 

The second way we stock our shop at Rebelstork is through our favorite Flock, parents like you! When you’re ready, you can empty your nest and sell any quality-used items to Rebelstork, reducing the financial weight on you and the next Mom and Dad. 

At Rebelstork, we’ve created a game-changing way to reduce the environmental and financial impact of raising our sweet babies. Create a baby registry, shop sustainably, and join us in creating a better future for your little one and the next generation.

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