Your Nursery Is Incomplete Without These 12 Baby Items

Your Nursery Is Incomplete Without These 12 Baby Items

Your Nursery Is Incomplete Without These 12 Baby Items

Despite the ads on your social media feeds claiming otherwise, not everything is a baby essential and many nursery items are cool but unnecessary.

How can you filter through things you can live without versus baby items that complete your nursery?

With enough trial and error and research, Team Rebby has got the answers to your burning nursery questions! Your nursery is incomplete without these top 12 baby items. Plus, for minimalist parents who aren’t looking to break the bank, shop affordable options from open-box and overstock to quality-used nursery items with Rebelstork.

Top 12 Essentials for Your Baby’s Nursery

A Safe Place to Sleep

Toddler girl standing in her crib in a decorated nursery room with nursery items

Newborns average 14 to 17 hours of sleep a day—my, how we envy their sleep! Provide a safe and cozy sleep environment with the right crib, crib mattress, and bedding. Try a sound machine that provides the soothing sounds of crashing waves or mimics a tumbling dryer to help your baby drift off to sleep. While a dark room is recommended for the baby’s best sleep, a soft night light will keep you from tripping on toys and banging into walls before you get to them.

Getting Down and Dirty

Father changing baby’s diaper on a diaper changing table next to nursery items

True love is dealing with someone else’s poop—and with a baby, there’s lots of it! A nursery is incomplete without the diapering essentials like diapers and wipes. A convenient place to change your baby, whether that’s a changing pad or a changing table, is a must. Finally, instead of walking outside eight times a day to toss dirty diapers into your outdoor trash can, invest in an odor-controlling diaper pail.

Helping Hangry Babies

Tired mother nurses her baby in bed with a support pillow

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, a fed baby is a happy baby. While the nursery items you need vary depending on what route you’re taking to feed your baby, there’s one thing they can universally use while they eat.

A support pillow!

Use the support pillow to prop up your exhausted arms while nursing, or lay the baby down while you hold their bottle to their lips. It’s the one thing that all hungry babies and their mommies can use.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Mother reading a book to her baby in a rocking chair

After being rocked in your uterus for nine months, there are few things more calming to a crying newborn than a gentle gliding motion. Science backs us up on this! Rocking promotes deeper sleep. A rocking chair, glider, or baby swing provides the soothing comfort babies deserve after arriving in this brand-new, scary world.

Keeping an Eye Out

Mother working on the computer while watching her baby on the baby monitor

Separation anxiety is a real thing. You may find it difficult to leave your little one alone—especially once it’s time for them to start sleeping in their nursery. Calm your anxieties with a baby monitor! If you decide to sleep train, features like two-way talking can allow you to coax your little one without ever stepping foot in their nursery.

Always have the option to keep an eye on your baby while you’re using the bathroom or checking your e-mails for work through a trusted sound or video baby monitor.

Complete Your Nursery with Rebelstork

Whether this is your first time or your fourth time at this, setting up your baby’s nursery is both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience all at once. Team Rebby is here to make Parenting Lighter(™) and to help you prepare this sacred space for your new addition.

Shop our inventory of open-box, overstock, and resold nursery items from your favorite baby brands, retailers, and our own Flock. With thousands of brand-new arrivals daily, Team Rebby vets and rates all nursery items before listing them for quality and condition. Lucky for you, many nursery open-box and overstock items have never been used or barely removed from their box thanks to rising returns from online sales. They’re just waiting for a loving new nest like yours!

Complete your nursery with these top 12 nursery items. First stop—Rebelstork!

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