The Best Bassinets of 2023 For All Those Newborn Nights: Which One Are You? (Take Our Free Quiz)

The Best Bassinets of 2023 For All Those Newborn Nights: Which One Are You? (Take Our Free Quiz)

The Best Bassinets of 2023 For All Those Newborn Nights: Which One Are You? (Take Our Free Quiz)

In the roller-coaster first weeks with your newborn, there'll be a whirlwind of cuddles, coos, and (*crossing our fingers for you*) much-needed sleep. When they’re not sleeping in your arms and it’s time for you to get some sleep too, your baby will need to sleep somewhere safe.

Cue the hero of the newborn nights—the bassinet!

So, what are bassinets? Bassinets aren’t just about convenience; they’re about providing a secure, close-by space tailored for your baby’s unique needs. The best bassinets help you ensure your baby is safe, snug, and within arm's reach—which is essential for those frequent nighttime wake-ups!

Picking the right bassinet and prepping for your baby might seem daunting. But you and baby can rest easy with one of the bassinets on our list of the standout bassinets of 2023.

Here are the best bassinets 2023 has to offer.

Best Bassinets 2023

Ready to chase the grumpy moods and hair-pulling breakdowns away with a few extra minutes of sleep? See our Flock’s picks for best bassinets this year!

Best Traditional Bassinet—Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

White HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

What We Love:

It may look simple, but it’s sophisticated. When a baby cries for milk in the middle of the night, the 360 swivel and retractable wall make it quick and convenient to scoop them up. Your back is already thanking you in advance. Plus, the bassinet offers built-in soothing and is detachable so you can take the bassinet wherever you go.

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

In order to get that sturdiness that every parent wants to keep baby safe, you’ll need a strong and heavy foundation. But strong foundations are bulky and that’s no exception with the long legs of this bassinet.


Best Portable Bassinet—Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard

Graco Pack N’ Playard portable bassinet with attachable seat and diaper changing station

What We Love:

Our Flock loves a good deal, and purchasing the Graco Pack n’ Play is a four-in-one type of good deal! It comes with a playard for controlled baby play, a bassinet, a portable seat, and a diaper changing station. BONUS: You can break it down easily and pack it with you for day trips to the beach or your backyard with its canopy feature with UV protection. This bassinet’s ready to travel!

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

Some mamas might raise an eyebrow and say that this bassinet is a jack of all trades, master of none. Even with the additional features, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that other bassinets do.


Best Smart Bassinet—SNOO Smart Sleeper

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

What We Love:

This smart bassinet uses voice and motion sensors to respond to your little one’s 3 a.m. crying spells with the right amount of white noise, gentle rocking, and a built-in swaddle. It’s like a magical set of extra hands. It’s also the first and only bassinet to be approved by the FDA for it’s ability to keep babies on their backs. Peace of mind for you!

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

The SNOO is a luxury bassinet with a whopping $1,695 retail price tag. Instead of canceling your vacations for the next year over a bassinet, we’d recommend finding a more affordable SNOO through Rebelstork.


Best Personalized Bassinet - 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

4MOMS Mamaroo Sleep Best Bassinet

What We Love:

Ever wish bedtime had a magic button? Try 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. With 5 motions and 5 speeds, the bassinet can give your baby a gentle rock when your arms need a break. And those 4 white noise options? Think of them as the ultimate baby lullaby mixtape. The best bit? The Find Your Roo™ feature on the 4moms app. It's like the bassinet saying, "Tell me how you soothe, and I'll match your vibe."

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

If you're hoping for complete silence, the 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet might not be the most quiet companion in the room. Its size can be a bit on the larger side, so for those tight on space, it could feel a tad imposing. And, as with all things baby-related, what works wonders for one baby might just get a shrug from another.


Where to Shop the Best Bassinets 2023—Rebelstork

Baby sleeping in the best bassinet next to a bed and nightstand


Not sure you want to invest a bunch of money in the best bassinets if your little one will only use it for the first few months of their lives?

You’re not alone. That’s why Rebelstork’s tech-driven marketplace offers mamas-on-the-fence-about-buying easy access to the best bassinets for up to 80 percent off retail. Shop open-box, overstock, and quality-used bassinets from our beloved Flock and top retailers and baby brands including Design Dua, Snuggle Me, and 4moms.

Shop with Rebelstorks’s REV™

Can’t find the bassinet of your dreams with us? We get new drops daily, so check back again. Still no? Your dollars deserve to be spent on things you love. Invest in the right one and once your baby outgrows it, our top baby resale shop will be here to help you get money back from your initial investment. Our holy grail, REV™, promises to pass it on to the next mama in our Flock and put money back in your pocket so everybody wins!

What’s REV™? Our AI-powered tool offering real-time resale estimates, is a breath of fresh air in the baby products world. Buying? You're informed on the real worth. Selling? You're guaranteed a fair market rate. Gone are the days of resale guesswork.

Every Rebelstork transaction, whether buying or selling, is transparent and empowering.

What Bassinet Are You Dreaming Of? Try Our Quick 5-Minute Quiz to Find Out!

1) What’s most important to you when shopping for a bassinet?

a. Technology and functionality

b. Portability and affordability

c. Convenience and ease


2) Where will the baby's bassinet be?

a. We have a spacious, Pinterest-worthy spot for the baby’s bassinet.

b. My partner and I have both created safe spaces in our individual homes for our little one.

c. A compact space right next to my bed! I won’t let that baby out of my sight.


3) Which of the following best describes you when you’re at a restaurant?

a. I can order appetizers and fancy drinks at a restaurant without thinking twice about the bill.

b. Have you seen the menu prices? Aren’t we all looking for cheap eats in this economy? I brought my coupons.

c. I never buy the cheapest thing on the menu, but I can’t afford the most expensive entrée either. I’ll take the waiter’s recommendation with a price that lands in the middle.


If you answered mostly As—you’re a SNOO!

For the parents who inhale luxury items, the SNOO is for you. Let it shush, sway, and do the work for you while you take a nap.

If you answered mostly Bs—you’re a Graco Pack N’ Play Playard!

Mamas that need the best bang for their buck will be happiest with the combination bassinet, playard, changing station, and portable seat. Get multiple features when you opt for this portable bassinet.

If you answered mostly Cs—you’re a Halo Swivel Sleeper!

Keep your baby right next to you with this bedside bassinet favorite. Swivel them over your bed and lift them with ease during night nursing sessions and midnight meltdowns.

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