Baby Items NYC Moms Swear By—We Asked Our Flock

Baby Items NYC Moms Swear By—We Asked Our Flock

Baby Items NYC Moms Swear By—We Asked Our Flock

Big-city living often comes with big-city prices and smaller living conditions. That’s why Rebelstork helps NYC moms save big through overstock, open-box, and like-new baby items. With hundreds of new arrivals listed daily, our tech-driven North American Baby Gear Marketplace helps our big-city mamas and daddies find the best deals on premium baby items.

Do you have a baby joining you in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of or another fabulous urban city?

We asked our Flock, and these are the top baby items NYC moms swear by.

Best Strollers for City Living

Bulky travel systems and full-size strollers aren’t exactly compatible with tight sidewalks and crowded restaurants. That’s why NYC moms prefer lightweight strollers, umbrella strollers, and travel strollers like the Babyzen Yoyo and UPPAbaby G-Luxe. These smaller strollers are easy to haul up stairs and are easy to park next to the table at a tight cafe.

Best Carseats for City Living

NYC moms can’t go without the Nuna Pipa or Nuna Pipa Lite car seats. Aside from being some of the lightest and safest car seats ever made, The Nuna Pipa is one of the only infant car seats in the U.S. that can be installed without a base. What does that mean? That makes this infant car seat taxi, Uber, and Lyft friendly!

The Nuna Pipa Lite doesn’t have the option to be installed with the seat belt path, but we can’t ignore how lightweight it is. The Pipa Lite is only 5.3 pounds without the canopy or inserts, and even with the additions, it’s still only 6.7 pounds. An average infant carrier weighs anywhere from 9-12 pounds. Add a 10-pound baby in there, and you get the mom math. Just thinking about it makes our arms hurt. If you live in an apartment in the city, you’ll appreciate how this car seat is much lighter to walk up and down the stairs or to transport in and out of an elevator. 

Best Bassinets for City Living

Sleeping NYC mom lying next to a Halo Bassinet baby item where her baby is swaddled and sleeping

City moms aren’t the only moms wishing they had an extra pair of hands every day. The SNOO bassinet claims to be just that, and their cult following agrees! This smart and safe bassinet uses motion sensors and soothing sounds to calm your baby down before you even have to. That kind of support comes at a price, $1695, to be exact. We know, you could fly to Hawaii for that much! That’s why we recommend shopping up to 80 percent off retail prices with overstock, open-box, and like-new bassinets on Rebelstork. If you don’t see the SNOO, try again later because Rebestork drops thousands of deals daily.

Don’t have the space in your home for a SNOO? Opt for the Halo Swivel bassinet instead. The base tucks into the bottom of the bed, optimizing floor space and perfect for smaller spaces. It comes with a variety of vibration and sound modes to support your baby’s best sleep—and yours. 

Best Highchair for City Living

Peg Perego Siesta High chair baby item for NYC moms

Qualities in a high chair that NYC moms care about:

1) Can it fold up and be put away?
2) Is it easy to move around the kitchen/home?
3) How easy is it to clean?
4) Will it clash with the aesthetic of my kitchen?

When answering these questions, the best highchair that meets this checklist of needs for our city parents is the Peg Perego Siesta Highchair.

The highchair folds into an upright position to be stored away easily whenever it’s not in use. The Siesta has smooth-rolling wheels (and the option to lock them, of course), a five-point harness, and a removable double tray that’s dishwasher safe. The leather-like seat pad is stain-resistant and very easy to wipe clean. Finally, if art and aesthetics are what drew you to the big city in the first place, this luxe highchair will blend right into your beautiful kitchen.

Top Baby Items for NYC Moms and Beyond at Rebelstork

NYC mom and NYC dad and young daughter holding hands walking across a footbridge with a major city skyline in the background

If you're from the Big Apple or another buzzing city, your must-have baby items list might look different from everyone else. That’s why your Flock at Rebelstork is here to let you know what you really need. We partner with all of your favorite brands and awesome parents like you to bring you savings through overstock, open-box, and like-new baby items.

Get started with all the baby items NYC moms swear by for your future New Yorker or city-loving babe.

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