How To Fold a Stroller

How To Fold a Stroller

How To Fold a Stroller

No matter where you live (city or suburbs) you will need to know how to fold a stroller.   Whether you’re trying to take it on a plane or simply pack it away in a closet to save space eventually you will need to do it.  Every stroller folds differently which makes this task challenging! Team Rebby is here to guide you through the tips that work to fold any stroller type.

How to Fold a Stroller

Folding a stroller into the trunk of a car

Step One: Set the Brakes and Lock the Wheels 

Folding a stroller that doesn’t have the brakes or locks engaged will basically be impossible. This is because of safety purposes. You can typically find brakes or wheel locks near the rear wheels. Swivel wheels may have a lever or button that will lock them into position. So, although it might be an extra nuisance before folding your stroller, it’s critical for success.

Step Two: Clean the Exterior of the Stroller

Folding a stroller when it's dirty or wet will lead to a whole array of undesirable outcomes like mold, mildew, and other mysterious messes. Fight the temptation to clean it later and just do it pre folding, your future self will be thankful. 

Step Three: Remove Any Additions to the Stroller 

Most strollers come with a slew of accessories aimed to help make your job easier. These are great and everything, until it comes time to folding your stroller. Why? Basically, they get in the way. Remove them all- food trays, cup holders, playbars and anything else. Don’t forget to remove the loose items in the basket underneath before folding your stroller- like your diaper bag, phones or water bottle.

Step Four: Find the Locking Mechanism 

Locking mechanisms vary across different types of strollers, brands, models, etc. Consult your stroller’s manual (located in the box or online) to find any buttons, levers, or handles that collapse the frame. 

If the stroller frame doesn’t collapse and fold over easily, avoid using excessive force to slam it shut. Instead, look for anything blocking it from folding, such as tucking in any excess fabric, bulky straps, or adjusting the wheels. If you’re folding a double stroller, check if the wheels require removal to fold the stroller properly. Lastly, some strollers have a latch that can lock the frame once it’s folded. 

Finding the Right Foldable Baby Stroller

Mom and daughter pushing baby in a foldable stroller in the park

Rebelstork’s definitive guide to stroller shopping can help you find the right strollers to cruise with. You’ll find that different strollers can be needed depending on the age of your baby or the occasion. Don’t be surprised if you add a lightweight stroller or double stroller to your current stroller rotation. 

At  Rebelstork we partner with the most popular baby gear brands to bring you new/overstock, open-box, and quality-used baby strollers for  up to 80% off retail prices.

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