Show Love to the OG Mama Earth - 4 Simple Ways to Practice Parenting Lighter

Show Love to the OG Mama Earth - 4 Simple Ways to Practice Parenting Lighter

As parents, we have the opportunity through a series of simple shifts to live a more conscious lifestyle. We have the power to take some of the burden off the OG Mama earth. Moving to a zero-waste household overnight is unrealistic, but if we can each adopt even one initiative, together as a FLOCK we can make an impact.
Here are 4 simple ideas to Parent Lighter without turning your life upside down.
Step 1- Make Plans
Ugh, we know. Writing “plan ahead” to our fellow moms is almost a jerk move. But, taking the time to make weekly meal plans does significantly trim down the amount of waste your family generates by an average of 25%. The good news is that there are so many tools available to help us make planning ahead stylish, quick and fun.
A few of our fav meal planning tools:
Lala lunchbox is an app that makes planning your kids lunches a breeze. 
Printed Matter offers a stylish meal planner noteblock.
GoodFood offers farm fresh meal delivery kits
Step 2- Decide what overly packaged products your family can live without
Most of us are already in the routine for bringing our own reusable grocery and produce bags to the supermarket but, have we truly tried to change our actual grocery shopping routine? Feeling empowered to reject products with unnecessary packaging has become simple these days. We suggest checking out some of these trendy, new zero waste concept grocery markets that are popping up all over the place before hitting up your regular grocery store. 

A few of our Canadian favourites:  
Unboxed Market in Toronto
Naga Grocery in Vancouver
Zero Waste Bulk in Waterloo
The Tare Shop in Halifax
Step 3- Educate yourself on how your family can embody sustainability as an act of conscious living
Each of us have the choice and tools to engage in the economy with more awareness of how our consumption effects the environment. We as parents tend to leave a pretty large carbon footprint- between multiple loads of laundry, short distance pickups in the car and sometimes cooking three separate dinners! A few effortless daily tweaks can make sustainability a priority in our day-to-day habits. Some ways to lower your carbon footprint could be buying and selling into the circular economy (nudge, nudge… Rebelstork), opting for a stroller with a large storage basket making errand runs possible and choosing to support brands that are non-toxic and use sustainable manufacturing practices.  
Step- 4  Speak up and question old norms while offering up innovative alternatives
Just because we have always done something a certain way does not mean it needs to remain being done the same way! Think about what changes you can speak up about in your own home and within your own communities. Is there an opportunity to make family gift exchanges less wasteful? Is there an alternative to loot bags at kids’ birthday parties- how about a charitable donation? We need to feel supported to share our innovative ideas in order to keep moving forward together!

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