Pro Tips- Transitioning for ‘Back to School’

Pro Tips- Transitioning for ‘Back to School’

Pro Tips- Transitioning for ‘Back to School’

Preparation in a tangible way can help your children feel more in control, secure and successful during times of transition.  We held an IG live and had the opportunity to chat with Caron Irwin who holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies and founder of ROO Family on her top tips to transition into back to school successfully.  Whether you are transitioning for the first time with your child joining a 2's or 3's program or are a pro - we think these tips are great!
Show Them What Is Coming  
Reading story books about school is a great way to educate them on what is coming.  Pointing out things that will be familiar to them when they start school (the cubby, desk, gym, the teacher, etc.) will help children feel more comfortable with what to expect.  Another way to show children what is coming is to take a trip to the playground.  Taking a trip back to the school yard to play there a couple times before school (and if possible, with some friends) will help them get familiar and comfortable when the first day comes. 
Create A Drop Off Ritual 
Establish a drop-off ritual with your child, something you always do when you say goodbye to them at the school yard. Rituals help prep children for what’s to come (creating a cue for their body that something is coming and to transition). Some examples of this could be a wave or a hug good bye, or even a consistent phrase that you say to each other. Doing that each day will help your child gain confidence that there is consistency. 
Build A Consistent After School Routine 
Children self-regulate all day (lining up, answering when it’s their turn, not running in the hall, etc.).  When they come home at the end of the day, they often have no more patience or ability to self-regulate. To prevent after-school upsets, have a routine. Think of 2-3 activities that are low energy and require minimal self-regulation.  Some of examples are telling jokes, listening to music, an outdoor activity or even just doing nothing for a little while. This will help them ease into their day at home. 
PRO + TIP: Avoid asking about your child’s day right after school, hold off until dinner or bath time.  Not only will your child not be exhausted from self-regulation, you will get much more valuable information! 

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