The Difference Between a Marketplace VS. E-Comm Retailer

The Difference Between a Marketplace VS. E-Comm Retailer

What is the difference between a Marketplace and E-Comm Retailer? 

This is THE the most asked question that Team Rebby receives on the weekly.

Rebelstork is a modern & managed Marketplace NOT an E-Comm Retailer.  So what does that mean? Let’s break down the two main differences:

Marketplace:  is a platform for multiple sellers and multiple buyers.  Inventory listed is owned by many different sellers and the platform owner facilitates the sale. 

E-Comm Retailer:  is a platform for a single seller and multiple buyers. Inventory listed is owned by the platform owner and they sell it directly to the buyer.


Although Rebelstork is a transactional Marketplace, it is also an online community made up of buyers and sellers.  So what does this mean in terms of certain retail policies? 

Return Policy: We want our buyers to feel confident in the purchases they make on Rebelstork.  We offer a 24hr period from time of delivery for buyers to let our customer care team know of issues like: undisclosed damage, incorrect or missing items, items not as described or item is unauthentic. Why only 24hrs?  Because we do not own the inventory, our sellers need to get paid for their sale!

Promo Codes:  Like most marketplaces we offer promo codes from time to time. These codes always have an expiry and are unable to be applied to purchases already processed.  Why? Because as a marketplace we must always look out for the best interests of both our buyers and our sellers. It would be unfair for a seller to get notice of an item selling only for the price to be changed after the fact. 

Testing before purchase: Being a marketplace our business is completely online.  Good news is that our team of experts quality checks and condition rates every item that is listed on the site so buyers can rest assured that what they purchase is what they will receive.  If there are any issues with a delivery we offer a 24hr claim policy for returns.

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