Winter Baby Car Seat Cover - Jean Wolf


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Winter car seat cover in light jean with wolf fur imitation collar.

The only cover on the market designed with semi-rigid rods offering optimal structural support to prevent sagging on the baby.

Zippered pocket integrated on the front.

A certificate of authenticity is affixed inside to certify that the cover is a real Petit Coulou. Quality and safety symbol indicating the suggested cold levels.


NEW: Rear strap for a better fit.

  • No need for a snowsuit

  • Designed for temperatures down to -25˚C / 13˚F

  • Waterproof and breathable materials

  • Polar-lined interior for greater comfort

  • Zipper closure for complete opening

  • Leather imitation pull tab

  • Embroidered logo


Fits all types of rear-facing car seats up to 16 kg / 35 lbs.