Resale 101 - Prepping Your Gear For Resale

Resale 101 - Prepping Your Gear For Resale

You have already spent the money buying amazing quality baby gear for your little one. Now,  you no longer need it and are eager to make some cash back on your investment.

But how do you get your gear ready for maximum earnings potential?

Here are Team Rebby’s 4 key tips to get your gear ready to sell!

Squeaky Clean
Ensure your gear is clean and free of stains and smells. Most parts of your baby gear can be thrown in the wash or sanitized with a thorough wipe down. This is quick and easy and immediately increase resale value.

Have stains? Attack them with a non-toxic stain remover. We know a really good one :) Our Oops There It Is a non toxic eco-friendly FLOCK favourite.

Double Check All Parts Are Included
Baby gear can come with lots of accessories and add-ons. But when you’re getting ready to sell, check that every part is accounted for. Earning potential immediately drops when pieces are missing.

Once all parts are accounted for, grab the extras! Did you have a newborn insert with your Halo bassinet? Did your stroller come with a travel bag? These extras add value to your listing and can create a bundle which helps your listing sell faster!

Date Check!
Did you know strollers and cribs have manufacturing dates? And that these dates impact how much your gear is worth when you’re trying to sell it? To determine fair market re-sale value, age matters! Not the year you bought it, the year it was manufactured. The difference in re-sale value can be 10%-20%!

Include the Original Box and Instructions
If you still have the original box and instructions hanging around, BONUS! These increase listing appeal. Buying quality used gear with the original box and instructions makes everything so much easier when it gets to its new home.

Feeling energized to make some cash? Head over to the sell form and let Rebby The Stork assist you with scheduling your hassle and contact free pick up!

Ready to sell? LET’S GO!