Babesta x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Retailer to Join The Reluvable Collective

Babesta x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Retailer to Join The Reluvable Collective

Babesta x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Retailer to Join The Reluvable Collective

Five Reasons why Babesta, NYC baby and kids boutique partnered with Rebelstork to bring New York and Brooklyn families a safe and easy way to extend the life of baby gear!

Babesta has partnered with Rebelstork and joined our trade-in program - a place to come together and extend the life of your quality used baby gear and build a more sustainable baby industry.  We sat down with Jennifer Cattaui who founded Babesta, the NYC baby and kids boutique back in 2004 to understand why she decided NOW was the time to enter into this partnership and 5 reasons why extending the life of baby gear is important to her. 

  1. We love Mother Earth, and we want to do our part and help our city families do theirs! 

  2.  We also love living in New York City… But, we know better than most, that New York families are short on space! We want them to have the best stuff that they NEED/WANT/LOVE and not end up with clutter when their needs change—as it’s no secret that square footage is at a premium!! 

  3. We’ve always said that some of these baby goods are so well manufactured, their useful life extends long after a family would need it (We’re looking at you Bugaboo!). Best to resell your gently used gear along to another family that can get some great use out of it!

  4.  Knowing you will eventually resell encourages everyone to be mindful of their stuff.   Taking better care of your baby gear retains its value and makes you a great owner and example to your child!

  5. We always support awesome entrepreneurs (especially entrepreneurial women 😊 and are so pleased to be a part of this great business. It’s not every day when everyone’s a winner!

Here is a bit about Babesta – be sure to pop in and check out their amazing collection of clothes, gear, toys and so much more….Jennifer and her team truly curate the best of the best and have a real pulse on building a special, inclusive parent community. 

Babesta was born as a website in 2004. As the market was very pink, blue and traditional at the time, Babesta was founded to rebel against genderized styles that seemed far astray from the founders’ aesthetic and sought to give babies (and their families) some cooler options, where they could show some attitude and have some fun. Babesta introduced black onesies, band tees, slogan tees, and a range of fashion, with nods to art, design and culture. In 2007, Babesta opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in Tribeca dedicated to fashion for kids 0-12 years, and then soon opened a second shop, extending the brand into furniture, gear and toys.  The mission was simple: Don’t let parents lose their cool shopping for babies and kids. Whereas super stores and websites offered tons of goods, they lacked style and perspective. Babesta worked to narrow the market, make shopping simpler and focused on city parents and their unique needs. That meant pulling together an awesome selection of indie designers culled from all over the world, amazing gifts and toys with spunk and spirit, a limited and hand chosen selection of the best gear, strollers and furniture and lots of service options to make it convenient to shop.  In 2015 Babesta opened its boutique in Brookfield Place, sitting alongside fashion brands like Hermes, Ferragamo, Lululemon, DVF and Michael Kors. Find Babesta today online or in their flagship Tribeca location where they bring together a hand-chosen array of the best-of city-ready children’s goods from gifts and fashion to furniture and gear. 

To learn more about the trade-in program or to drop off your gear start here

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