6 Tips for New Parents Saving Money During the Holidays

6 Tips for New Parents Saving Money During the Holidays

6 Tips for New Parents Saving Money During the Holidays

From the gifts to the feasts to the holiday decor, as a new parent, holiday cheer can turn into holiday fear. This does not need to feel like the most expensive time of the year; there are ways to prepare.

Follow Rebelstork’s top six money-saving tips for new parents for a stress-reduced holiday season. 

Set and Stick to a Budget

With all the email sales and FOMO SMS deals this time of year, it is easier than ever to accidentally overspend. Prepare yourself by setting a real budget. This means looking at how much money is coming into your accounts every month and how much money you feel comfortable with going out. Allocate your budget with the goal of a positive cash flow—when there’s more money coming in than there is money leaving. Building your list of needs off this budget will empower you, our Flock, to live this holiday season within your means and be happier for it.

Try Shopping Open Box and Saving

Two little boys playing with discounted baby items in a nursery

 Looking to save up to 80% on the most current and coveted baby gear brands and models? Try shopping sustainably by shopping discounted baby gear returns. These amazing retailer returns are called open box or overstock. Shopping open box or overstock items saves unused, simply returned (often brand new) baby gear from ending up in landfills.

Become a DIY Queen

DIY Christmas tree made with sticks and wooden cutouts and baby items on sale wrapped in craft paper

Break out the YouTube and TikTok tutorials and bust out the pins from Pinterest because it’s time to release your inner inventor, engineer, and creative. One of the best ways to save money during the holidays is to DIY (do-it-yourself). 

Start an E-Card Tradition

Did you know the average parent devotes nearly eight hours to watching movies, playing video games and scrolling through social media? Embrace technology and consider sending holiday e-cards or a cute social media post to replace the pricier old-fashioned holiday card tradition.

Plan Ahead and Shop Early

Last-minute shopping is one of the top reasons new parents overspend during the holidays. When gift shopping for your baby, plan ahead by making a list of all the products you’re looking for. Starting early gives you time to compare prices across sites to find the most discounted baby items. Don’t forget to check if what you’re looking for is listed on Rebelstork. Rebelstork baby items on sale are up to 80 percent off retail!

Make a list of all the other purchases you need to make. Brainstorm specific gift ideas for each person. Having a plan means fewer impulse buys, and you won’t spend Christmas Eve panicking.

Find Free, Fun, Family Activities

Parents and baby in snow

Discover free and fun family activities to do, like attending a tree lighting event, watching your favorite holiday movie, or sledding down a snowy hill.

Develop gratitude for what you do have instead of focusing on the money you don’t want to spend by volunteering at a local shelter or nursing home. Re-evaluate your traditions and see where you can be better with your money and be a better all-around human.

More Holiday Cheer with Rebelstork

Happy baby in a Santa hat sitting in front of a Christmas tree with baby items on sale

Use these top six tips to save money this holiday season as new parents. When you plan ahead and shop Team Rebby’s gift guide early, Rebelstork will pass on the savings to you through open-box or overstock discounted baby items.

Is it starting to feel like the most wonderful time of the year again yet? Get started on a holiday wishlist now!

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