Holiday Series: @JennieMonness

Holiday Series: @JennieMonness

Holiday Series: @JennieMonness

As a family, we focus on traditions when it comes to the holidays. Having traditions in our family that have continued from my husband’s childhood and my own mean a lot to us, while also coming up with our own traditions. One of our favourite traditions that we came up with as a family is painting rocks that have things we love about one another on them “that you make me laugh” or “your hugs.”

Q: Rebelstork is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness in their #GiveKindNest campaign and launched a beautiful, sustainable gift guide for all of us looking to gift more sustainably to parents, babies or caregivers!  What Act of Kindness are you going to spread this season?

A: Both Tess, 5 years old, and Nell, 3 years old asked if they could give the same painted rocks to their classmates. We have already started working on some of them!

Q: How are you and your family spending the holidays this year?

A: We’ll spend the holidays in Florida with some of my family and then the latter half in Long Island with Matt’s family. We’re just excited to be together and get to unplug for a little!

Q: Do you have any special holiday traditions you do with your little one(s)?

A: The painted rocks and holiday dance parties! Literally every night of winter break, we have a dance party at home to holiday songs. We also come up with festive play ideas like decorating the inside of a large cardboard box and adding twinkle lights. We make it a cozy nook with blankets and holiday books inside. The girls love going inside with mini flashlights and quietly playing together. We also light the Hannukah candles, make potato pancakes, and the girls decorate a Christmas tree at Matt’s mom's house.

Q: What mamas or mamas-to-be will you be gifting Rebelstork to?

A: My younger sister just became a mom in Spring. I can’t wait to gift her some goodies from Rebelstork and inspire her to look on Rebel Stork’s marketplace for the things she needs for her baby for a fraction of the price. This is what I have my eye on for her!

Q: Can you share what Rebelstork items are on your wish list this year?

A: Outdoor play furniture, sleds and gross motor structures!

Q: Describe the holiday season in one word! 

A: Family.

Q: What items are on your child’s wish list this year?

A: Ride on cars and electric cars!

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