12 Rebel Parenting Resolutions For 2023

12 Rebel Parenting Resolutions For 2023

12 Rebel Parenting Resolutions For 2023

We love being moms and parents. Unless it’s cold. Or rainy. Or really early. Or maybe New Year’s. Those resolutions are hard to make and harder to keep, right flock? Sure, it’s all “new year, new me,” until someone draws on a wall or licks a public handrail. And that first one you break feels a lot like pooping in a freshly changed diaper. The good news is parenting is what strengthens our funny bones and friendships, so we thought we’d share our team’s parenting goals for 2023 in hopes of inspiring some of your own.

1. Repeat after us: “At least I tried.”

2. “Keep my personal closet organized. I will no longer try to clean the rest of the house as long as my family continues to live there.”

3. “Get more sleep. ROTFL Okay, just learn to win at losing sleep with my Ilia industrial strength under eye concealer.”

4. “More hugs. Although my kids won’t let me hug them in public. Ok, you know what, make that MORE PUBLIC HUGS.”

5. “I’m pretty sure that in 2023 it will be okay for me to lie. Like, if I say ‘Netflix is broken’ or ‘broccoli is not a veggie’ in hopes they will forget whatever it is.”

6. “I’m going to invest in some serious self-care, aka hiding in Nordstrom’s. Maybe go to the gym in something other than Pirates Booty crumbs and Bobbie formula stains and acknowledge that screaming children hanging from every limb is not a real workout.”

7. “I’d like to start cooking more, by that I mean order more food delivery boxes”

8. “Stop running out of child’s Tylenol and patience.”

9. “Stop swearing under my breath at the other moms offering me unsolicited advice.”

10. “Just keep it real. Real gross (woah, kiddo.) Real exhausting. Real fun. Real friends. And accept my overuse of dry shampoo.”

11. “Stop stressing that it takes 3 years to load the car when someone is waiting for my parking space.”

12. “Start a journal (and… lock it for dear life).”

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