The Same but Different: Why Does Every Trendy Stroller Look Alike?

The Same but Different: Why Does Every Trendy Stroller Look Alike?

The Same but Different: Why Does Every Trendy Stroller Look Alike?

When you’re scrolling to find trendy strollers for your newest babe, eyes start to cross, glaze over, and everything starts to blur together. From the wide variety of stroller types to the hundreds of brands that sell them, you may start to feel like you’re looking at the same baby gear over and over again.

Why does every stroller look alike? 

While it might seem like every stroller is the same set of wheels, handlebars, and a place for baby’s bum to rest, they serve the same purpose—but differently.

Stop, shop, and stroll with these trendy strollers, and find the right one to stroll with by learning what makes them different.

Start shopping differently with Rebelstork!

How Do You Know What Stroller You Need? 

Your environment and lifestyle will be the biggest determining factors in what stroller you purchase. Stroller costs range from $20 to $12,500. Woof. Steep, we know. That’s why we always recommend shopping for more affordable and sustainable options at Rebelstork.

Why the big price gap when they’re all strollers?

Discover how trendy strollers that look alike can have different functions that determine their varying price points.

A Travel System

Travel systems—not to be confused with travel strollers—have one unique feature that makes them a unicorn amongst other strollers. Travel systems are made up of infant car seats and strollers (usually full-size strollers) that are compatible with each other and the car seat snaps conveniently into the frame. You don’t even have to buy the exact same brand of stroller and car seat combo. Just find your compatible favorites and an adaptor will typically sync them up!

What We Love: 

  • The highest chance of not disturbing baby during the stroller-to-car ride transition, since they’re already buckled in their seat. Sleep is king, and we will do anything to protect baby’s peace and sleep. 
  • You can use the stroller as soon as baby is born, unlike some other types of strollers. Once your babe graduates from the car seat, you can still use the full-size stroller without it.

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:  

  • This is typically the largest and heaviest option of any type of stroller you’ll buy. Infant car seats alone average 10 to 20 pounds. Add your newborn’s weight in there, and our bodies get exhausted just thinking about it.

The Travel/Lightweight/Compact/Umbrella Stroller

Under each one of its aliases lies relatively the same type of stroller. Unlike the travel system, the travel/lightweight/compact/umbrella type of stroller is the best choice for short travels—from the zoo to downtown to adventures on public transportation like planes, subways, trains, or buses.

What We Love: 

  • We’re swooning over the price tag! You can find some cheap umbrella strollers and then find lightweight/travel/compact strollers that come with more bells and whistles with a few more dollar signs. 
  • The lightweight nature of this stroller makes it easy to maneuver in airport TSA lines, up and down stairs at a train and subway stations, or transport in and out of the car on road trips and simple errands. 
  • They’re not bulky at all—perfect for crowded restaurants, busy shopping areas, or quick trips to the grocery store.

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

  • There’s limited storage space to keep the pounds down. Can your back handle carrying the diaper bag the whole commute? Sometimes the compartments aren’t even big enough to store a regular diaper bag.
  • The wheels aren’t heavy-duty (often plastic) to keep it lightweight. 
  • Are you or your partner former basketball stars? Even if you’re not—but you have the height to pass as one—keep in mind that these types of strollers often have lower handlebars.
  • They’re not great for newborns since they can’t sit up yet, and these tend to have limited recline options.

An All-Purpose/Everyday/Full-Size Stroller

Often sold with a travel system, an all-purpose/everyday/full-size stroller is meant to be used for all your basic everyday activities like grocery shopping, errands or meeting up for a play date at the neighborhood park.

What We Love: 

  • There’s enough storage to carry all the Cheerios, fruit snacks, and bottles to your heart’s content. 
  • They’re roomier and offer more comfortable seats that babies love for on-the-go naps. 
  • They come complete with canopies to block out the haters (and the sun) when you’re strolling along.

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

  • There’s almost no need to buy an all-purpose/everyday/full-size stroller exclusively unless you want an extra stroller to keep at the grandparent’s house. These types of strollers come with a travel system, and buying the entire travel system (this type of stroller and accompanying car seat) makes the most sense for a first-time parent. 

A Jogging Stroller

If you’re not a runner, you might think that you can skip over this section. Fair. But much like the travel system not being exclusively for travelers, jogging strollers aren’t strictly meant for joggers, either. This type of stroller is built for rough terrains, so if you live in the country, frequent the outdoors, or love to be active, this could be the best stroller option for you too.

What We Love: 

  • The three-wheel design makes gliding around tight corners or bumpy roads easier. 
  • It has the longest shelf life of any stroller with the weight limit being well into preschool years. 
  • The sturdy and heavy-duty wheels make rides the smoothest of them all. 

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

  • It doesn’t fold up very nicely and can take up extra space in the car trunk (or small New York City apartments). 
  • Like a car, these air-filled tires are more difficult to repair. 
  • The wide frames make this stroller great to use outdoors but difficult to use in more compact spaces. 
  • The stroller doesn’t offer a full recline, and baby can’t start riding in this stroller until they’re at least six months old and have full control of their bobbling head. 

Shop Differently at Rebelstork

Even though trendy strollers might look alike, see how different they are? Similarly, baby gear companies may look alike, but companies like Rebelstork—with unique features like REV™ and Parenting Lighter™—make shopping different too.

At Rebelstork, we are proud to be the first tech-driven North American Baby Gear Marketplace

created for a new generation of socially and fiscally responsible parents like you! Powered by AI-Pricing Technology called REV™, we are a one-stop shop for reselling and shopping premium strollers, some of which have never been used (open-box or overstock strollers) and would ultimately end up in landfills.

Ready to make a difference by shopping differently? Check out Team Rebby’s favourite trendy strollers.

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