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Happy Spring! Here's our Top 6 Baby Gear Items to Enjoy the Outdoors

Happy Spring! Here's our Top 6 Baby Gear Items to Enjoy the Outdoors

Yay, it's time to think about getting outside again.  The weather is changing, the days are getting longer and we have some exciting gear to make you enjoy your time with your babies even more.  Don't miss our curated finds as we kick off spring with our flock top of mind!

City Pool
A must have for keeping the kids cool, in your backyard, front yard, balcony or on the go!  Especially in the limited space you may have if you’re a city dweller! Blow-up pools are designed with children and sometimes even style in mind. Many are BPA free as super easy to fill and have fun.  
Rebby Pick: Hello Samah Inflatable Pool

Wagon Strollers
So much fun!  Light weight designs make them a perfect option for a quick and easy outing. Most are equipped with all-terrain wheels and activity tray’s that will keep your kids comfy and occupied when you’re taking long walks, checking out the farmer’s market or traveling around the zoo. 
Rebby Pick: Keenz Stroller Wagon
Sun Tents
A must-have and an amazing product for the spring/summer months to keep your baby shaded and protected from the sun.  Many sun tents have a pop-up system that allow them to be put together and folded back up in seconds. Plus the majority of the tents come with a high UV coating protection, a mosquito net and a great mattress for nap time. 
Rebby Pick: Baby Moov 

Got a toddler or pre-schooler? Scooters that grow with your child are great outdoor options! From ride-on, walking bike to scooter these scoots deliver functionality, comfort, and a lifespan for parents to get maximum usage throughout their child’s development. 
Rebby Pick:  Gobbler Go Up Scooter

Jogging Stroller
Ah yes...the jogging stroller! Designed for you to have the best running experience, while ensuring your child is comfort and safety. Jogging strollers are a fantastic option for city dwellers or country hikers.  
Rebby Pick: Phil & Ted's Dash Urban Inline

Baby Carriers
Have a baby that loves going everywhere and being close to you? Lightweight wraps are typically made with soft, breathable (perfect for those hotter days), durable fabric that provides the perfect snuggle for newborns, infants, and toddlers.  it's also great to be hands free!
Rebby Pick: Moby Classic Wrap Baby Carrier

These are just a few of the 'must haves' - to shop the entire spring collection, our Spring Shop is open and we drop styles daily!

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