Do you have a Service Menu for consigning?

We most certainly do. Click here to view our Service Menu

What are your conditions standards?

We require items to be clean and free of stains and smells. By accepting the pre-listing requirements before you list an item, you are guaranteeing the quality of the item and its condition matches your descriptions of it. Each accepted item is categorized by pristine, excellent, great, or good.

  • Pristine = Brand new, never used, in original box
  • Excellent = New (floor model), used, approx. 0-5 scuffs/scratches, all parts present
  • Great = Used, approx. 6-10 scuffs/scratches, slight fading/wear, all parts present
  • Good = Used, approx. 10-15 scuffs/scratches, moderate fading/wear, all parts present



What are my pick up and delivery options?

We pick up all orders for free and deliver via courier (see zoning map).

Can I track my order?

An SMS notification will be sent when the courier is on the way. You can track your delivery in real time.

What items do you accept?

Items must be in a condition that is either Good (moderate wear), Great (light wear), Excellent (new, seldom used), or Pristine (brand new in box). For a complete list of accepted items see our brand and category directory. For condition standards, please see the first FAQ

What brands do you accept?

Rebelstork only accepts premium brands. You can see our full list here. If you know of a brand that you think should be listed on Rebelstork, send us a note

How do you price?

Our pricing algorithm filters through each listing and establishes a fair market value to set the price according to brand, category, condition, and age as well as the perceived market demand. Our goal is to sell your items fast and at the highest yet fairest price. If an item is not of acceptable condition or age, it will not be eligible to be listed.

SALES TAX – if applicable, sales tax can be managed by each consignee when listing an item.

What happens if I consign an item and it does not sell?

We list all items for a minimum of two weeks. If an item does not sell in that time, Rebelstork reserves the right to price adjust to sell your item quickly. This is common consignment practice.

Once a product sells, how do I schedule shipping?

  1. Log into your Rebelstork nest. (Double-check that your nest address (pick up location) has been saved.)
  2. Click “Orders” on the dashboard. (Your item has been successfully purchased when you see “COMPLETE” next to it.)
  3. Click on the green eyeball next to the order you wish to ship.
  4. Schedule your pickup (within 24 hours of order being processed).
  5. Our courier arrives and you are parenting lighter!

How am I protected as a buyer?

If any of the following pertain to your order, please report the problem to Rebelstork immediately:

  • Undisclosed damage
  • Incorrect or missing item Item not as described
  • Item is not authentic

If no claim is made within 24hrs of delivery, payment will be automatically released to the seller. Once payment has been released, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

What is not covered

Item does not fit your space / You changed your mind. If the item arrived but you changed your mind or it does not fit in your space we unfortunately cannot accept a return. You can always re-list the item on Rebelstork!

About the Refund Policy

AS A BUYER- When you make a purchase on Rebelstork, we don’t release payment to the consigner until you’ve received your order as described. You have 24hrs from delivery to inform us if the item has been misrepresented by reporting the problem. If we verify your claim, your payment will be refunded.

AS A CONSIGNER – If a claim has been made that an item has been misrepresented Rebelstork will look into the claim. If verified, the seller will be charged $30 and can decide between an item return or a donation.