Rebelstork 101

You want to sell your items fast. So here’s a checklist to do just that.

  • Setting up shop 

    Choose your nest. Customize it to show your personality. Soon you’ll have other flock members following your nest for your new listings. Set up shop here

  • Photography

    Just like celebrities, never take photography for granted. Always use a white or minimal background. Use as much natural daylight as possible. And style your items like you work for Vogue. Check out Photography 101 here .

  • Listing tips

    Honesty is the best policy. So is brevity. We like keeping it real at Rebelstork – straight up and short.

  • Shipping

    Fortunately, we take care of that for FREE. When an item is purchased and payment has been made, the seller has 24 hours to schedule their on-demand pick-up and delivery from our experts (pick up on orders processed after noon on Friday must be scheduled by noon the following Monday) . Buyers get notified when their item is on its way.

  • Payments explained

    When an item of yours is purchased and shipped to the purchaser, the funds will be held for 24 hours in case there is a complaint with the item. If all is good, your funds will be released to you. All you need is a STRIPE account.

  • Off you go!

    Now you’re on your way, if there are any issues contact us