Smart Grow 8 in 1 Gold Edition- Oak

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Ages 0-8 years

Comfort KIDDO SmartGrow GOLD EDITION is made only from real solid oak of the highest quality.

The wood is processed using a special technology without the possibility of harming the child. The varnishing is certified according to EN 71-3. SOLAK HYDRO LW 1202515-W varnish is an ecological one-component water-borne varnish. It is characterized by a very short drying time and good adhesion to the substrate. The varnish forms a surface that meets the requirements of the EN-71-3 standard, which is a recommendation for its use for coating children's furniture and toys. Possesses high mechanical stability.

Withstands weight up to 120 kilograms 

Easily transforms into a cradle for newborns, a full-fledged bed, playpen, sofa, table and two comfortable chairs;

4 positions in height (distance of the bottom position from the floor without wheels: 1cm, 12cm, 37cm, 47cm; the distance between the holes from bottom to top: 12cm, 15cm, 20cm.)