Plush Nest- Anchor



A sleeping baby is one of the most beautiful sights for any new parent. It's peaceful, serene, yet so fragile.

Make this experience exceptional by choosing an elegant DODO BEBE Nest Plush. Whether you're having a boy or girl, you are sure to find a cute nest for your baby.

The DODO BEBE Nest Plush

  • is for newborns up to approximately 6-8 months
  • comes a variety of beautiful prints to fit your style
  • is ideal as a travel bed, newborn pillow, or for tummy time.
  • is ideal for you to enjoy some co-sleeping time with your baby.
  • is made with quality breathable material
    • 100% Cotton, that ensures fresh air permeates through the nest.
  • Material: Cotton
  • Covers are completely removable and washable
  • Two configurations for fitting your baby as she grows
  • Overall dimensions: Length 3 ft, Width 1.5 ft, Height 1/2 ft (6 inches)