Essential Mattress + 2 Protectors + Pink Fitted Sheet

By: Aerosleep

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AeroSleep® develops sleep products for the very young, and ensures that your baby can breathe freely, in a safe and healthy sleeping environment. The innovative technology is based on scientific research and guarantees a maximum of hygiene and comfort.

The Sleep Safe Essential Pack includes an Essential mattress and a mattress protector. The Essential mattress features an Airfelt® mattress core, an innovative material with an open structure, which ensures good back support. The zip-off mattress cover is easy to wash.

The removable mattress protector has an especially sophisticated 3D honeycomb structure. Thanks to this technology, your baby lies on a cushion of air, so that it can breathe unhindered, even if he/she ends up lying face down. Any moisture, coming from the diaper or spit up, is immediately removed by the honeycomb structure and retained in the absorption layer. The impermeable film protects the mattress against soiling, while your child remains dry. The mattress protector can be washed at 60°C.

With a high-quality baby mattress and a unique mattress protector, AeroSleep gives your baby a complete sleep solution: the sleep safe pack guarantees safety and hygiene, and absolute user-friendliness for moms and dads.

AeroSleep® Specially designed to be used in conjunction with the Aerosleep mattress protector, the perforated fitted sheets by Aerosleep guarantee air permeability and ensure optimum air circulation.

This fitted sheet offers your baby unrestricted breathing, dry sleep comfort and a lovely softness. Made of polyester, baby will always be able to breathe even if the fitted sheet becomes wet. Polyester, unlike cotton, does not absorb moisture and this keeps the fabric breathable. The perforated fitted sheet, with the polyester fabric, offer optimal air circulation. Aerosleep fitted sheets are Oeko-Tex certified, and are nice and soft