Holiday Self Care? YES PLEASE!

One lucky mama will WIN:

1)  FridaMom x Rebelstork OMG, Gonna Be A Mom Bundle from @rebelstork Bundle!  Includes: FridaMom disposable postpartum Underwear (8 pairs), Ice Maxi Pads, Upside Down Peri Bottle AND our Rebelstork eco-friendly moms essentials kit of an Oops There It Is. -no toxic stain remover & Blow Out Bag laundry set

2)  Exfoliating essentials bundle from @waxon. Includes: Citrus mint body polish, Honey peach natural soap, AHA/PHA ingrown hair serum AND a $30 gift certificate to any treatment or product at waxon. 

(Value of $200!!) 

Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow BOTH @rebelstork & @waxon

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