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Looking to score a sweet deal on the baby gear you are needing right now?
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Rest assured that:
  Pricing has been fairly determined by our proprietary algorithm.
Rebelstork has inspected each item to ensure condition standards are met.

There are 3 ways we can get you your gear: Shipping via courier/Canada Post, local courier delivery, or local pick up.

    Check out our Shipping Guide for more info.

      Selling with Team Rebby

      Have baby gear to sell? We'll do it for you the safe and easy way! 

      Check your gear. We accept and sell the brands listed here. Don’t see a brand that you think should be accepted, send Rebby a note.

      Check your area. We are currently picking up from Burlington through the GTA. Confirm you are in an eligible area hereWe charge $40 to pick up gear with potential earnings of less than $210. Fees will be deducted from payouts. We recommend having us pick up multiple items at once to avoid this fee.

      Check your potential earnings by filling out our sell form. Tell us what gear you've got and in what condition it is.  Let our algorithm estimate your revenue! It's that easy.
      Wait to hear from us. We will be in touch to schedule your gear pick up. Our driver will then contact you when 15 minutes away so you can leave your items out for contact-free collection. Your items are delivered to our warehouse where team Rebby quality checks and condition rates each item.

      We set up your account and email you a login where you can see the status of your goods at all times. As items sell, your earnings are collected in your account and at the end of each month we transfer them directly to you. If you were charged a fee for pick up - it will be deducted at this time.

      Welcome to the Flock. Let's make parenting lighter together.