Got gear? Coffee’s on us.

 This month only, Team Rebby is giving parents a caffeine boost with every pickup.


Book a pickup* of your quality used baby gear, and we’ll deliver a $15 Starbucks gift card when we come to scoop the goods. (That’s a solid 3-iced-grande-lattes, if you’re counting that kinda thing.)
Want another pair of ventis? Before we come, upload a story to Instagram, providing a review for other moms on any of the items you’re reselling. (Don’t forget to tag @rebelstork!) We’ll share with our FLOCK - and boost your delivery bonus to a $25 Starbucks gift card. (Moms caffeinating moms helping moms. It’s kind of in our DNA.)
With an average seller earning of $210 (not to mention our 48 hour average pickup-to-sale turnover time), we’re making August as hassle-free as it’s ever been to get that quality baby gear resale cash in your pocket - and caffeine in your veins.
 *  An eligible pickup consists of 4 or more items of quality used baby gear.