Sweet Dreameezz- Starry Nights Print

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Award winning Sweet DreameezZ! Loved by mummies, but loved by cool daddies too!!

100% luxury bamboo rayon muslin – This is designed as a shawl and also as a sleep shade for your most precious investment; your baby. Wrap around baby to keep warm when cold or cool when too hot, bamboo is temperature regulating.
Or, simply drape it over the pram, buggy or cot to allow your little one to sleep even on the brightest day, or in an environment where there are bright lights that would otherwise stop them sleeping soundly. This beautiful Sweet DreameezZ will help your baby sleep for longer, peacefully.
Drapes easily over all pram and buggy types
Made from natural breathable anti-bacterial bamboo muslin
Perfect light baby shawl
Easy access to your baby in emergencies
Portable so can be stuffed into any bag, or you could even wear it as a shawl or sarong!
Can be used as a modesty cover while nursing
Fully machine washable (at 30c) we would recommend using a non-bio washing powder.
Do not hand wash
Softens with use.

The perfect multi-tasking item for busy mummies & daddies to use with their babies – unique shawl, bright light shade, swaddle, nursing cover, scarf, light wrap

Supplied in a bamboo pouch.
Size: 120cm x 120cm
Ethically made in Turkey