Resale 101- Stroller Wheel Maintenance

Resale 101- Stroller Wheel Maintenance


Most of us only think about cleaning our stroller wheels after traversing the urban jungle or slushing through muddy trails. But stroller wheels are exposed to dirt and dust on the daily. They are also extremely expensive to replace (+$500 for a full set of wheels by some brands which can be nearly half the cost of a brand new stroller!)

If you want to extend your strollers life as much as possible (umm…hello maximizing resale value!) and make it as durable to stand the test of time, stroller wheel maintenance is of utmost importance!  

For the most part, a blast with a hose followed by a wipe down with a clean dry cloth is all you need to push off mud and leaves. However, from time to time it is recommended that the wheels be removed for a deep clean. Good news is that most wheels feature a release mechanism that allows wheels to pop on and off super easily.

Give Your Wheels a Sudsy Soak

Let your wheels relax in some warm soapy water and use a clean cloth to gently clean the tires. Do not be afraid to use a stiff brush if there is dried mud that needs dislodging.

Lube Up The Parts

Bearings are exposed to the harsh Canadian elements (salt, snow, sand) so it’s important to lubricate the moving parts where you removed the wheels. We suggest using a generous spritz of lubricant before putting the wheels back on.

Invest In A Stroller With A Reputation Of Sturdy Wheels

If you are in the market for a stroller keep the importance of great wheels in mind.  A few FLOCK faves (and brands known for their durable wheels and bearings) are: Baby Jogger, BOB, Valco Baby, Egg and Mima

Dirty wheels may also be corrosive to the stroller frame making it even more important to clean your wheels often and thoroughly.


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