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Resale 101- Stroller Manufacture Date Codes (Where to find them and why they are important)


Have you ever flipped your stroller upside down and noticed a date stamped onto the content/care label or engraved directly into the chassis? Would it shock you to know that this code actually means something and that it is vital in determining the maximum resale value of your stroller? 

All strollers have a published manufactures date to help during recalls as well as to assist when spare parts are needed BUT this often passed over block of numbers is vital when establishing the maximum re-sale value on Rebelstork.

Why does the manufacture date code matter when I am purchasing a stroller brand new?

Editions of a stroller often span years before an updated model is released.  It is important to make sure that if you are purchasing a new stroller the manufacture stamp on it represents the current year.  If your intent is to buy a full price stroller and re-sell it when finished with it ensure to enquire with sales staff to make sure you are purchasing not just the current model but more importantly the current manufacture date.

Example- If you are buying a current model stroller at regular retail  in 2020, it should have a manufacture date on it in 2020. 

Why does the manufacture date code matter when I am re-selling a stroller on Rebelstork?

In order to determine the fair market re sale value of a stroller our proprietary pricing algorithm takes age into account.  Age of a stroller is determined by the manufacture date on the bottom of the stroller NOT the year you purchased it and began using it.  The difference in re-sale value can be upwards of 10%-20% in some cases.


Mom A-  purchased a new black Bugaboo Donkey 2 in March 2020 that was manufactured in 2020 for $1500.  She used it for 1 year and kept it in excellent condition. 

  • Her stroller is 0-1 years of age, Excellent condition and she could stand to earn $1000 from her resale.

Mom B- purchased a new black Bugaboo Donkey 2  in March 2020 that was manufactured in 2019 for $1500.  She used it for 1 year and kept it in excellent condition.

  • Her stroller is 2 years of age, excellent condition and she could stand to earn $850 from her resale.

Despite both strollers being the same model and condition, Mom A will stand to make on average 15% more than Mom B just due to the manufactures date.  

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