POP QUIZ - What's Your Carrier Style?

POP QUIZ - What's Your Carrier Style?

Baby Carrier

Baby wearing not only gives you some great bonding time with your mini, but it also gives you some hands-free independence!

With so many choices, how do you choose?

Take our pop quiz to see which baby carrier suits your style.

Who will be carrying little one?
A. Just Mama
B. Anyone, please someone hold the baby!
C. Both parents

What will you be doing while baby wearing?
A. Taking occasional baby wearing selfies & out and about with mom friends
B. Literally everything! House chores, hikes, running errands…you name it!
C. Enjoying all the snuggles and letting baby rest

How do you want to carry baby?
A. Front carry facing in and out
B. All possible ways! Front carry, facing in and out and back carry
C. As close and snuggly as can be


Mostly A’s: Tula for you!

Not only are they stylish and come in so many trendy patterns, but they’re functional too. Tula carriers are fully adjustable with width and height settings to customize your growing baby.  One of these can quickly solve the many post-partum wardrobe challenges.  

Team Rebby loves the beautiful and simple Mason print carrier!

Mostly B’s: Mesh Carrier

The all in 1 mesh carriers, like the Omni 360, has all the carry positions PLUS ventilation to keep you and baby cooler. Adjustable straps allow for quick adjustments when being used by multiple people. Lumbar support for extra back comfort means you can carry baby anywhere and everywhere!

Team Rebby loves the all-season carrier by Lillebaby!

Mostly C’s: Baby Wrap

Wraps for baby carrying are snug and let you cuddle close with baby. They’re wonderful for baby bonding! Wraps can be used from newborn to toddler with multiple ways to safely carry your little one on your hip, or front carry.

Team Rebby loves the close snuggles we get from the Moby wrap!


Whatever your carrier style, it’s a great way to bond with baby and keep them close.

Check out our carriers and find your perfect fit!