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Pop Quiz - What Stroller Suits Your Needs?


Before your baby arrives, there is a monumental (and exciting) step to take before becoming a new mom- choosing your stroller! So, what type of stroller is best for you?

We are here to help you make the right choice!
Take our quick quiz below, get your results and some insights from our team of trend forecasting experts!
Where are you planning to stroll?
A. The streets in my neighbourhood and the mall
B. Stroll? I think you mean run
C. Everywhere, I live to explore
D. Honestly, anywhere… if I can get both kids strapped in and out the door
What are you bringing around with you?
A. I overpack on the daily
B. Water bottle and energy gel
C. Wallet, phone and portable change pad
D. Everything x 2
What is your top priority?
A. Comfort is key
B. Speed and suspension
C. Lightweight and little
D. Two kids, but 1 stroller
Mostly A’s- You need a full-size stroller!
Bigger, sturdier and usually more durable a full-size stroller can wheel your baby right through to the toddler years. Some usual perks?
  • Wide, padded and comfy
  • Convertible design (grows with your baby)
  • Roomy basket for storage
  • Options to attach car seat
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Mostly B’s- You need a jogging stroller!
Superior suspension lets you walk, jog or hike all while your baby remains happy as a clam. Some perks?
  • Front wheel can usually lock for stability at high speeds
  • Car seat compatibility (use from baby through toddler)
  • Safety features like hand brake and safety harness
  • Roomy storage basket
Mostly C’s- You need a city/travel stroller!
Lightweight and compact, this stroller is designed for portability. Some perks?
  • Often weighs 15lbs or less
  • Easy to fold up tiny
  • Seat reclines for naps on the go
  • Small storage basket for essentials
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Mostly D’s- You need a double stroller!
With multiple children, this stroller allows you to manage only one stroller. Some perks?
  • Choose between tandem or side by side seating options
  • Can be car seat compatible with two car seats
  • Has big storage basket with lots of room 
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